New Music: K.Camp x Yo Gotti “Turn Up For A Check”

turn up for a check

Show Me The Money.

Rather than putting his money where his mouth is, Interscope’s newest acquisition, K.Camp goes after other people’s paper on his new track with Yo Gotti. Produced by Sonny Digital.

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  • 11.2.11

    A real Marine Air Navy and Land and Aquamarine is a volunteer and it means that there are no money work payment, but we do make sure others who are above our age we enter them in employment in private industries and promote them, because the money of the Law is inside employment and there they will do mandate to get money for militar work payment that is added in the industry money work payment. And they should give employment to enter work to those other military who are out there, and everyone should do this. It seems that there are militar men who are already employed and promoted but they don’t employ others, not even extend money to become other’s military work payment. There are many militar out there that doesn’t have families to provide for them and money has run out already when in fact everyone of the military out there has done their work perfectly, but others who are expected to act like a militar inside private industries, but they are not doing anything. It looks like they want the money for themselves only.

  • Taliban

    I know this, this employment and money thing between militar in the field and those who are inside private industries. I know everything from 11.2.11.

  • Saddam Hussein

    I know this completely also. I know everything from 11.2.11.

  • Gen. Hitler

    I know this also. I know everything from 11.2.11.

  • 11.2.11

    I know everyone, I check the attendance in the Marine Air Navy and. Land and Aquamarine.

  • Tanya Louise

    I know everything, I know everything from 11.2.11.

  • Tanya Louise

    I don’t have work, I told everyone already, everything I do in private industries are all military operations, but I don’t work at all inside office and go there everyday, not at all. I don’t have money at all, I haven’t received any money work payment since the beginning of my decisions as authority.

  • Tanya

    Everyone knows who didn’t do mandate on each situation, and we know the whole situation.

  • TruthGod

    check this out CrownKING97(aka G.O.Delic97) #SoundCloud