New Music: Wiz Khalifa “Ziplocc (Weedmix)”



Inspired by K Camp’s regional hit, Wiz Khalifa dedicates his latest recording to his favorite topic. Hopefully Wiz is back in bag by the time Blacc Hollywood arrives.

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  • Kickye West

    murdered by K camp? wiz needs to take a leave of absence.. smh

  • MassConglom

    I like how Wiz be “WeedMixin” these tracks. He went off on this.

  • Eddy Eyad

    Another pot track and the hook isn’t catchy andthe lyrics are awful, like really bad, I’ve been riding with Wiz’s latest stuff but smh to this



  • Dan Karlin

    Not trying to tell other people how to handle their careers, but Wiz may eventually want to shake things up and consider rapping about something else…

  • shaolinmaster

    shit is fireeeeeeeeeeeee! this the wiz i know !

  • titus tucker

    Don’t be a critic..
    this is actually dope..
    And Jay Z still talks art, Pusha T still talks coke, and Drake still talks relationships..
    Good things eventually happen for artists who stay in their lane and don’t chase trends or moments.

  • Shoom Isaacs

    i actually like this. haven’t liked a wiz track in a minute.