New Music: Alicia Keys x Kendrick Lamar “It’s On Again”


Black Superhero Music.

With The Amazing Spiderman 2 nearly a month away (May 2nd), Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar set the tone on this Pharrell produced track. Hopefully the movie fairs better than this number. Soundtrack drops April 22nd.

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  • lol

    kendrick intro is trash

    • jbtde34

      ur trashh learn some vocab

    • carl grimes

      kendricks bit was the best tbh

  • titus tucker

    They wouldn’t let Spiderman be black (Donald Glover) but they couldn’t do the soundtrack without Kendrick Lamar rapping like he did at the Grammys..

    The marketing world can’t move without us!

    • FromAmsterdam

      Reading comments like this makes me feel like I’m the only white person here.

  • jbtde34

    no nigga ur trash u probably don’t know the meaning of the half the words he used, lmao ignorant bish.

  • McGrahamable

    oMG Kendrick is on another level

  • kendrick sound like someone pissed in his cereals lately lol

  • McGrahamable

    if kendrick could make a whole song sound like his verse in this song he will kill Drake comercially that upbeat inspirational type shit,white people eat that shit up

    • Leo

      Stop lying to yourself & dont insult Drake.

      • McGrahamable

        Drake is my favorite but Kendrick its the better rapper

  • McGrahamable

    Kendrick is a fucking genius

  • D-Twice

    Wow Pharrell switched up his style. Usually you can tell he produced it but this is different.

  • LookingAssNigga

    Kendrick Lamar is head and shoulders above the competition. His next album is gonna sell 1 mil first week.

    • McGrahamable

      i believe so

  • hands

    when is kendrick going to go back to his normal voice and stop yelling? he’s only put out one album and i’m already missing the old k dot

    • FromAmsterdam

      Why is he doing that anyways?

    • Drew

      That’s some BS How can you miss the “old kdot”? This nigga has been progressing rapidly since Overly Dedicated

  • joelle.or-titties

    it just isn’t a good song… nothing wrong with Kendrick verse… its just everything else.. Alicia doesn’t really fit with this beat or Kendricks more aggressive sound in this song
    maybe I need to listen a few more times but right now it just doesn’t seem like a superhero soundtrack song

  • Zoo

    wackest intro

  • Kendrick fan but I’m not particularly impressed with the delivery of this verse. The lyrics were dope though. As far as the song in a whole it’s ehhhhhh, nothing special. Definitely not a hit for Alicia.

    • Big_O

      Definitely agree. The way his verse was produced and engineered didn’t help either.

  • DHKC

    I love Kendrick but his gassed up fans need to see a miss when they hear one. Not EVERYTHING he puts out is fire, stop acting like it.

  • Viva La Raza

    yall tripping…Kendrick killed it, Alicia Keys killed it..
    maybe not the song Id ride to, but this is a hit & perfect soundscape for a movie

  • BEE

    Oh my… Number one rapper alive, a true master of the Art.

  • JustSomeDude

    DOPE! Spidey’s my favourite superhero. He’s like the everyman hero, not a billionnaire he has bills to pay, he’s not perfect. This is a good look for hip-hop. Kendrick brought it too. It might not be a boombap/super lyrical metaphor heavy hiphop track but that’s not what it was intended to be, this is an anthem for a major motion picture for the masses. But it’s dope as fuck I dunno how anyone could hate on it

  • Luciano

    Beat on point but I don’t know about that intro from Kendrick. He still dope but not feeling his part on this song (so dont label me a hater or something lol)

  • Toonamiguy

    Needed another Kendrick verse.

  • DL

    should’ve had young thug on the intro.instead