New Music: MC Ren “Rebel Music”

rebel music

Ren Back.

Chaos erupts in the streets of Compton as MC Ren returns to the game with his new recording. Produced by E-A-Ski. Until then, the revolution will be—streamed.

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  • Viva La Raza

    well damn….the OG came in & killed it of course!
    fire flow, proper message, solid production….

    thank you Rap Gods

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Dope. Ren next to Cube was the most lyrically talented in NWA. He put out some classic solo albums. I still bump Kizz My Blacc Azz and Shock of the Hour!

    • Floyd

      He and Ren was the ONLY lyrical talent on NWA. Dre and Easy didn’t write their material. Dj Yella was just a DJ.

      • Najee

        Don’t forget about The D.O.C. because he contributed a lot as well!

  • Brodie

    Crazy thing is I was gonna scroll past this until saw that EA Ski produced this

  • Najee

    Ren has always kept it 100. It’s great to see him carrying on the NWA legacy after nearly 3 decades in the game. I can’t wait for his new LP and the NWA movie!

  • Buster Cherry

    So don’t front, MC Ren, cause I remember when you drove a B-210
    Broke as a mothafucking joke
    Let you on the scene to back up the First Team
    It ain’t my fault, one nigga got smart
    And they ripping your asshole apart
    By taking your green, oh yeah
    The Villain does get fucked with no vaseline

  • GO Cool

    Got damn, this shit hard as fuck…

  • King Just

    Im a big NWA/Ren fan. But this was….I’m not trying to sound like a hater but it def could if been better, like his verse on “Hello”, and when He was on Snoops the last meal, wasn’t he also on the Chronic 2001? Those tracks were fire. This track compared to those feature verses are wack. Not feeling it. No control in his verse while he raps fast here. I’m a listen again but not feeling it. Hope he drops some hardness next time.