New Video: Memphis Bleek “Thanks I Get”

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Loyalty Before Royalty.

Flipping through a scrapbook, Memphis Bleek reflects on his 15 plus career. Take it from Beenie Man, memories don’t live like people do. The song can be found on track two of The Movement II, which you can grab for free here.

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  • WAS

    Memphis Bleek reminds of the good old 90’s

  • el jim chapo guzman

    those was the good days.. roc was holding it down, that was the dream team for real. them philly nigaas just ain’t wanna leave the street shit alone.

    • Mastermind

      Them Philly niggas thought they “boss” actually had their best interest at heart. How wrong they were…

  • TakeDat

    Is this a subliminal directed at Jigga?? Sound like he salty at the lil homie (jigga = lil homie, puff = big homie) for not givin him a proper “thanks” smh. Be careful bleek. Jigga don’t got THAT MUCH love for ya. Just look at Beanie Sigel.