I don’t know if this nigga knows this bitch just lost her co-star boyfriend to heroin back in 2013, but if he does, damn bro, no limits.

    • poetic assasin

      Were you looking out for her before or after you called her a bitch?

      • SPAC36ODD

        Lol, me calling her a female (dog) takes away everything else I said? Alright mister rhyme killer.

        • Only Salute The Real

          You know who that girl is? can I get a name?

          • TeF

            Lea Michelle, she’s an artist, but she’s on that show Glee. I gotta rock with spac on that, it’s been a real hard year for that woman, this is some tasteless ass bullshit. Seems like people keep using art and internet ignorance to completely assassinate decency. This is whack.

          • Only Salute The Real

            Oh this was photoshopped I thought they just got a model or sombody to do that. i don’t mean to be rude but them photoshopping it makes it a lot funnier but that could just be because idk much about her.

          • TeF

            Oh it is funny when you consider how wholesome the show kinda is. This is the promo poster format for the show, I always see it pop up on Fox.

  • obla

    DC IN THIS MUHFUCKER! fat trel that nigga. dope mixtape cover haha

  • NativeKing

    this is one of the corniest looking thing ive ever seen…and i don’t even know who fat trel is, or care to find out after looking at that cover…

    • Anti-Hero

      he’s signed to that fat law enforcement officer

  • LOL

    people should of left the commets box empty on this one, let this kind of music die out already.

  • RBS

    Greatest mixtape cover of all time.

  • dumb rap

    When will you idiots wake up. Still glorifying nonsense. I want someone to put one of fat trel’s family members who is a female on a cover like this and see what he thinks. These rappers are not worthy of respect. Cant even use their own names. YOU ARE NOT MEN.

    • TeF

      Although I believe you are using this post to anonymously vent your gripes, I will agree that a lot of rap is nonsense, and the accountability level goes down when you adopt a persona and lifestyle alongside a name that you made up…but that’s ANY genre of music or entertainment.

  • RichHomie Zombz

    U gotta listen to Fat Trel he dat dude