New Music: Drake “Draft Day”


Ahh Man!

The NFL draft is about a month away, but Drake’s getting his pick in early. Over a chopped up Lauryn Hill sample, Drizzy drops a new cut inspired by former Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel and rising basketball star, Andrew Wiggins. He had to do it.

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  • TrentTrizzy

    based god >

    • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

      dont ever come back to rap radar u fuckin clown.

  • kW

    Go easy on em drizzy

  • TrentTrizzy

    no hov response, lowkey disappointed.

    • Cmon Son

      He said some veiled shit like “you know they love to pop all that shit when I’m not around” and “Just watch me paint flow, we all do it for the artI could never hate though” but he definitely steered clear of DIRECTLY addressing the nigga who addressed him by name

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Beat is mean. Every drake song isn’t a diss. folks stay reaching.

      • TrentTrizzy

        lol i’m aware of that, just saying i’m sure i wasn’t alone in anticipating a more direct response. there’s obviously no real “beef” but its fun to see where their exchanges could have (or could) go.

      • ayye

        f u witch yo wave spinnin cap wearin ass

  • ShawnLooney

    this is fire. reminds me of comeback season.

  • JMeezy

    “Just hits, no Mrs. that’s for the married folk.”

    Nice subtle shot back at Jay, not too disrespectful very clever.

    • it’s the roc

      definitely. nice catch

    • Clever? LAME AS FUCK. What was NOT disrespectful about a man calling another man Mrs. on wax? I’ll wait.

      • You still waiting?

      • donjuan

        still think he said MR not mrs

      • Stevems
      • No Fucks Given

        You’ll wait for a record deal? For ppl to give a fuck about your music? To stop using the hashtag flow?

        • ThaRealHater

          Not called the hashtag flow. Big Sean gave that flow he started a name already. Look it up.

          • Manif3st DestiNY

            It’s called supa dupa flow and yes Sean created it. Drake says himself that he uses big seans flows as a template to make certain tracks.

        • Nigga what the fuck are you talking about? LOL Learn grammar first then get off my cock then use a real profile instead of Guest, coward. LOL

          • No Fucks Given

            You are a grown ass man who is still trying to make it as a rapper and someone who says “LOL” twice in one sentence. Not sure if you are living in your mama’s house or if you are in the closet but either way no one is on your cock

          • I live ina loft. Owned. Now sleep tight in your full size my mans. LOL Your girl & your moms would love to stay LOL 2 more for you.

          • No Fucks Given

            The only thing you own is a pathetic life where you tweet all day about hip hop and how you are gonna blow up, when the reality is you only got 2k followers and nobody gives a fuck about you. Maybe if you spent more time working on your craft and less time thirsting for bitches you are never gonna get on twitter then this site would be posting about you instead of you lurking in the comments. LOL at your life bitch

          • You sound like a disgruntled nigga living at his moms house forreal tho LOL Niggas thirst money not bitches, you keyboard gangsta. You mad as shit in your full size LOL Cant believe I even carried on a back/forth with a complete coward hiding behind a guest account.

      • Bryan Glenn Jones
    • GreenBergs

      lol shit is the politest “subliminal” diss ive ever heard on a record..

    • Weezy

      No shots at jay. Drake doesn’t have to respond to 50-year-old niggas. #imjustsayin

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        He cant respond with Puss ass songs like “Just hold on we’re going home’ – Save a Hoe, anthem #5

        • charlamagnethadouche

          is that you charlamagne?

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      fans call it clever, The rest of the world calls it soft and pussy like.

    • Bryan Glenn Jones

  • J MART

    Just hits, no misses; that’s for the married folks. Diet bars.

  • ayye

    this nigga and johny manziel dating

    • tlox

      you copied this from WSHH phony

  • AWWW MAN you ain’t gonna let these niggaz eat?

  • Chrisalejo

    “U keep egging me on, and we gon have to crack your shell, just to prove to you you aint hard boiled.”

    • Chronic

      Drakes sayin this shit like he’s hard himself or some shit tgough

  • Wooh

    Jay better be careful bothering with Octobers Very Own. Im just saying.

    • Dashing28


    • rob

      what does he have to say about jay nothing really im a drake fan but you need something to talk about to diss

    • Louiev

      Be careful? Lol this is JAY.

      • ThaRealHater

        Jays hyped u to believe hes god. Jay doesnt work for relovancy. Neither does drizzy but drizzy has been buzzin harder than jay since he came out. Relax.

        • Megamind

          A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Did you mean Relevancy? Drake pays homage because knows the real!
          He won’t mention Hov’s name…he don’t want or NEED those problems. It will stall his money…i didn’t say STOP…i said STALL…let me school you half-wits and hoodlums. PS did I mention I HATE young, dumb niggas…well there you have it. But anyway…Let’s talk Drake’s Sprite deal and give it a brief breakdown. Sprite is a client of Translation (Steve Stoute’s Ad Agency) guess who’s a PARTNER in that said Ad Agency…you guessed it…Jigga Man!

          Drake’s reply was for ppl like YOU…just to show bravado and his ego was bruised…trust me he will NOT address Jay’s name directly like Jay did him. And those were lite bars from Jay…it was just to put him on notice…”keep my name out your mouth”…

          I’m done…you can go back to being ignorant and reading shit about illuminati and whatever else you young niggas do that put NO bread in your pocket.


          • hiphopdebates

            Thank you for this great breakdown…you just ethered this fool…jayz getting all types of money and a boss, Drizzy is the leader of the new school point blank period but hes always looked up to Jayz.

        • Louiev

          What is your point? What I’m saying is, this is Jay. He does shit like this, he ain’t putting out no subliminal shit & he certainly ain’t scared of Drake so what does he need to be “careful” for? Lol drizzy is gonna do what? Smh. “You gon make that boy Hov put ya name in a song”…THIS IS WHAT JAY DOES.

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        LMAO, Im sure he was joking and being sarcastic. Atleast i hope he was because that would the stupidest thing i ever heard.

    • LOL careful ? jay would body drake

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      LMAO!!! i got the joke.

  • jimj87

    DAYUM “left some beat at the end so all you fukc n**gas could loop it n get your lies off” #colddrizzy love it when this dude just straight raps n shuts all the haters up

    • Papoose

      Drake is above Jayz. Period.
      “Drake this is how they gon come at you… Wit silly rap battles tryin to distract you”

      • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

        LMAO, Not 1 vote up! Even the Drake fans aren’t reckless enough to vote your comment up.

        • Fif

          Comments are voted up via puppet (who has an ugly hand up his ass). Get straight, faggot. Smdh.

      • sean

        you quote a jay-z line after saying drake above him

        please go seat down sir, jay-z made the road drake is career is driving on

        • Shawn Martinez

          He was obviously telling Drake how Jigga was gon come at him. Jigga needs a rap battle w/ drake to stay relevant, cus 51 yr olds have no bars. I used to be a jigga fan until the angie mar show where he had #nobars. That’s why Drake will ALWAYS be above him. ALWAYS.

        • Cathy Scott

          Tupac Shakur made the road that “gay-z at cockafella records” tries to drive on. #ETHER

          • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

            True statement but HOV put his foot on Nas career. TUPAC>JAYZ>NAS

      • Louiev

        “I never cried when Pac died, but I probably will when Hov does”…see what I did there?

  • LOL

    slick subliminals at Jay, dude was spittin on here. would of been great if he said his name but we all get the idea.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      pussy shit. very wise to not say his name though…he sounded like a kitty Cat puring to a roaring lion on this “response”

  • it’s the roc

    the feel of this is so classic. sick beat. this is one i actually hope other rappers remix

  • Dashing28

    Drizzy did his thing on it. No hate.

    It’s surprising though that there’s no direct Jay rebuttal because of the timing of this “random” freestyle. Yeah, there’s some subtle things that could be interpreted some kinda way, but nothing really to hold on to.

    Whatever. It’s a dope record. I’m glad to see Drake’s spitting. If he’s the top guy he’s supposed to be on his rapper shit. Jay, Ye, and Kendrick are angling at him. And you don’t be the best by staying on the sidelines when shots are fired.

    P.S: Random shoutout to Chance the rapper. I wonder if B.Dot will start to respect Chance now.

    • JMeezy

      As for the “random” freestyle, he hinted about a Draft Day song before Jay’s We Made It verse bruh…

      • Dashing28

        It don’t matter when he hinted it. He released it after “We Made It”. And so you know that had an affect. You KNOW he recorded it(or-rerecorded it) after hearing Jay’s verse.

    • haann

      you cant go one post without talking about kendrick can you bro lol… Drake out here dropping BARS and kendricks somewhere still performing bitch dont kill my vibe, he need some new songs kendrick hype dropping

      • Dashing28

        My post barely even mentioned Kendrick. Seems like you got the obsession fam. Great job on completely missing my point though.

      • Hussle

        you already know Kdot cooking his next classic. and sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Kendrick got a classic hip hop album under his belt…Drake doesnt.

        • idontcare

          Take Care

          • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

            Great R&B, ballad album.

        • brza

          true story Drake can be dope when he wants to be but hasn’t had a classic album imo

        • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

          ood kid mad city aint a classic bro

  • JMeezy

    Just curious….where all the Drake detractors? I just wanna know what he did wrong now since people always find something to hate on.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      he’s a sensitive rapper. Kind of an Oxymoron. Need more reasons?


    ALL THESE SITES ARE TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH CREATING SOME TYPE OF BEEF!!!! You knew the very next song this cat dropped was going to be analyzed like the Dead Sea Scrolls or an unseen version of the Bible!!!!

  • Hussle

    cant front. when Drake is on his shit…he kills it!

  • M25

    This song is okay nothing special, average lyrics but the Lauryn Hill sample was amazing.

    • intelligentsoul

      dont lie…this shit was great…you just mad he aint name drop

    • Leo

      How this song aint hard. straight TRUE & BARS. this guy has the hardest job coz he cant write about guns or lies STILL SLAY your fav rapper. PERIOD. He is damn clever/respectful & studied his craft. how can you hate that.

      • hiphopdebates

        real talk…drizzy the truth and my fav rapper of all time is jayz

        • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

          He’s really talented and makes great songs, i’ll give him that.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Agreed. Drake was rambling about sensitive shit… “people talking about me when im on tour” awww, poor thing, ‘Tears For OVO’. get it??

  • charla-gay-me

    LOL clearly him and Chance the rapper have some sort of beef…
    I love hiphop man
    “@chancetherapper: definitely finna steal Drake’s aaliyah concept album, and apply it to Lauren Hill.” ….
    “bitch stole my look” – joan rivers

  • Beat CRACK. Lyrics MEDIOCRE. Salute to Lauryn.

  • heirtothe

    “shout out to Bey/Bae/Bay though”
    Drizzy Drake barred out.

  • Louiev

    This joint nice.

  • Kevin Banks


  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Drake The Leader Of The New Skool, #HandsDown…

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      Your leader is too damn sensitive. Great rapper though! I guess you gotta work with what you got homie. Put Kendrick as your leader.

      I claim Tupac, BIG, Jay Z, Eminem and Wayne for the Old School. #ToughChallenge

      • LA Tha Gawd™

        Umm check the numbers gee, Drake got Kendrick beat in every category… Kendrick don’t make better music than Drake period… Besides Drake got 3 classic albums, Kendrick only got 1. How can you put this man as your leader with hardly no body of work…? Niggas like you hate on Drake just because he rap about love & women a lot. But at the end of the day nobody can’t make hits like Em. IJS he got more #1 hits than any rapper to this day… Oh yeah how you figure he sensitive??? Don’t tell me it’s because he make love songs & talk about bitches cause that’s the definition of sensitive at all gee…

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    He On Top Right Now…


    If you like that you will enjoy this If you like drakes rap listen to his freestyle

  • Nigel

    Im sorry i cant take drake seriously since Exodus 32:1 by Pusha T drake been a fuck boy when it come to responses he still aint come back at Kendrick smh

    • tlox

      don’t you get it Drake only responds to ppl on his level…Kendrick is still a rookie Drake coming after the GOATS

  • Brian Rostro

    Drake is over rated as hell.

  • Tramaine Mitchell

    he came for dem boyz…. dont forget he used to be at them rap battles…. on stage…. hosting…. he can battle rap he likes that shit lol

  • King Just

    I like it. It’s hip hop. “Suits and ties”…. He def talking about Jay. It brings excitement to the game. We need it. Bar for bar it’ll be a dope battle. It needs to happen.

  • See(sic)


    Go play intermurals…

  • Eddy Eyad

    That melody + the Lauryn sample is perfect

  • wow

    “We all do it for the art so i could never hate tho…”

  • TH

    Nice song but Jay clearly said Drake NAME (if he was dissing AT ALL). If you can’t come back and say someone name, I can’t respect it! Although I don’t feel this was a dis either! It’s like dude said “You knew the very next song this cat dropped was going to be analyzed like the Dead Sea Scrolls or an unseen version of the Bible!!!!”….this shit ain’t the DaVinci’s Code

    • intelligentsoul

      stop trying to start something that aint nothing….you know how many subliminal raps Jay has spit? ALOT my nigga ALOT

      • TH

        My man, exactly how am I “trying to start something that aint nothing”…..I clearly say I don’t think EITHER songs is a dis! (A REAL DIS)

  • Van Sertima

    ijs jay really don’t want it with drake.

  • Sealey

    Tired of Drake. He’s reached the “Ja Rule” phase of his career

  • McGrahamable


  • Nickey Negrito

    This was aiight. Music nowadays is good for the moment. By next week or sooner we won’t even care about this. Took Lauryn sample, but L Boogie actually spitted some real SHIT on her song. This was cool. I need aggression .

  • RichHomie Zombz

    U gotta come back at Jay

  • RichHomie Zombz

    Stunting on stage after 12yrs Of Slave this gold bottle look like a oscar Black Tux look like a mobster don’t make RRAAAAAHH YAnigga watch ur tone I come to court wit black boxes on!!!

  • GreenBergs

    yall aint ever sit back and wonder why theres no pics of drake getting intimate with rihanna or kissing her, or any women or his past girls for that matter???

    • mike

      Cuz he on to the next….stop daydreaming bout Drake yo…..

      • GreenBergs

        lol ive read that same defense answer on every site so far..

        • Strong Enough

          no i never sit back and wonder about drake’s love life you homo

          • GreenBergs

            Lmao that’s cuz u prolly the homo and u dnt care bout all this homo shit in rap..real shit

          • Strong Enough

            Oh i care. but i’m not the one interested in another man’s love life. ewww

            you eat milk and cookies while thinking about drake on the couch? lmao

    • drakeisadickinthebootyassnigga

      Cause he a faggot

  • The Incredible Creation


  • In the Know

    That’s the problem with you young people of today, you don’t respect the past or your elders… Drake has respect for Jay so he’s not going to go for his neck unles Jay came for his. Jay clearly didn’t so this is just a sparing match of two top dogs playing inside the game. You kids are lost!

  • Patrick Wiley

    Personally not a Drake fan, but I love Lauryn Hill. I can get into this track.

  • ThaRealHater

    Basically told Jay come harder if u want a response. Lol. Real shit tho. Jay need to stay in his place which is the sideline and watch drizzy keep reshaping the game.

  • RealityOverIndustry

    Drizzy backpedaling..he don’t want a full fledge war with the Jigga Man…Ask lil wayne how did that go…lmao.. Drizzy aint dumb..keep them whitty lines for those r&b records

  • Maino

    Drake is above the 50 year olds… Jay, dr. Dre, etc. and he will NEVER respond to any ‘shots’ from niggas wit #nobars
    “This is how they come at you, with silly rap feuds trying to distract you”

  • M.B.

    First 1000 followers to Follow @ovo_official On Instagram/Twitter will get free tickets to Drakes show In Toronto on April 4. {NO BULLSHIT / THIS IS NOT A JOKE}

    Twitter :

    Instagram :

  • sean

    I’m still wait for a reply to Kendrick

  • Chronic

    I’ll give drake that at least he’s giving people what they want and putting out new music. Haven’t heard shit from kendrick since his album except for a few guest verses

    • JP

      The ppl want Drake to IGNORE silly rap battles like this. Drake on top the game. Another point for Cash Money.
      “Rise of an Empire”

      • Chronic

        No maybe gay diehard drake fans think he runs the game and don’t him to try to respond to kendrick. Meanwhile in reality true hip-hop fans really just wanna see kendrick be realized for what he is, one of the best lyricists of our generation talking bout real shit…and have drake realized for what he is, a pop star making ballads for chicks and he occasionally drops some sick bars.

  • FreSH82

    Drizzy’s freestyles be killing niggas actual songs that they really put effort into making..Smfh

  • darrius

    Sound like Drake don’t want no problems. “We all do it for the art y would hate then”- Drake

    • Strong Enough

      All HITS no MRS, thats for the married folks

  • hiphopdebates

    Jayz is my favorite rapper of all time but I cant front on Drizzys bars and flows. Hes the best out of the new school and you cant take him light. Niggaz dont know good music when they hear it. I dont think Jay can battle with him because with age comes the diminishing of skills…its just the truth. Drake is going into his prime. Im mad at the rest of these younger rappers who cant keep up with Drake on a consistant level. Jcole, Wale, Big Sean, Kendrick, Meek, etc

  • fullyautomatic

    Mrs. Drizzy ohhhh kill em

  • McGrahamable

    Just dawned on me this nigga Drake explains he planned this shit, rolling stones comments, waiting for Kanye and Jay to respond then hiting them with this,”You should’ve followed all my moves, you won’t realize ’til after” “we all do it for the art so I can never hate” a lot more gems

  • Al Scratch

    Where my homiez at?
    I said where my f$*%ing homiez at?!?

  • dom

    this is incredible.. man, i think he’s ready to be called the best.. how is he still the guy after 5 years?

  • Austin Green

    That Hunger Games Line Was Hard…Drake That Nigga

  • RealDeal©Hill

    Drake is untouchable right now.!! But Jay Z is legend, been untouchable.

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    He sounded like a kitty cat, purring to a roaring Lion on this “response”.
    Jay obviously being the “roaring lion” in this metaphor and Drake being the pussy…cat.

    “Takeover, the break’s over, nigga…Ask Nas he don’t want it with HOV…Nooooo”

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    How can you put Kendrick above this nigga? Like really gees, How? What has Kendrick done that Drake hasn’t? I’ll answer that for you, nothing at fucking all! In this new generation Drake the best hands down!

  • Backwoodsburglar

    All my fam balled with wiggins, toronto’s super amped hes going top 2 draft day

  • JSmooth_101

    This is hot .. i dont think Jay going to respond though

  • Sam Robilotta

    that sample tho!

  • BEE

    Drake is an AWESOME story teller, in the purest form of hip hop as an art form, he is at the brink of greatness.

  • tiana

    Drake is pussy, she aint never gonna name drop

  • Bryan Glenn Jones