New Video: 50 Cent x Trey Songz “Smoke”

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.18.48 PM

Body In The Trunk.

Curtis is back in the club. But from the looks of his action-packed thriller, he finds himself tied up in the back of a Chrysler. To be continued. Animal Ambition however June 3.

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  • YoMamasFavorite


  • Andrew Figueroa

    Yo 50 is back!

  • Dre Neal

    Lol he put the explicit version on here because he knew it wasnt working correctly stop secretly tryna blackball 50 Big Homie!!

  • jaga

    lol big homie didnt even open the video, fools

  • EARL

    This shit sounds old ..Nah Fif this aint it ..I hope the Styles P n Jada tracks are dope cause so far everything released is mediocore at best

    • Clayton Bigsby

      Bullshit sucka ass nigga, this shit goes hard!

  • Shabazz


  • AFD master

    Nicki Minaj to join WWE!!! Check out the story here—

  • nas

    Fifty gangsta

  • rockiefresh

    i wanna know why so far none of 50’s new music or videos has made it to the no 1 spot on the RR charts even tho they get loads of replies and a high score ??? they keep putting his interviews there and hating on his music and videos but whenever Rick Ross puts out new music or a video it goes straight to the top with a low score and terrible comments. This track ain’t all that but Pilot and Hold On and both dope tracks and videos. smh so many people trying to blackball 50.

    • rockiefresh

      and yet again they put a brand new 50 video song in at number 3 with wale and kanye above smh

    • hands

      you do know this site is owned by paul rosenberg who also co-owns shady records with marshall and they all work for jimmy iovine. right?

      • Chris M

        And they no longer eat off 50.

        • Sour Milk

          Fif should know that his Milk been sour since 2007.

    • Blizeee

      Pilot is good? Funniest shit I heard all year. Is that you Fif? HIS SHIT IS GARBAGE

      • DSD

        Hating ass nigga

    • bigfoot2011

      So u discard everything that 50 did to everyone else? Why should we care if karma is coming back to haunt him

  • areal1

    Man what video are u watching cuz this one don’t work

    • Clayton Bigsby

      This song is dope af!

      • areal1

        I agree I was saying it kept stopping at the two second mark but it’s fixed now but yeah its dope

  • Get Moneynigga

    LOL 50 on some bullshit,he playing this APRIL FOOL’S shit.The nigga froze the video at the 00:2 sec. mark.Yeah that nigga laughing about this.

  • LOL

    all of these videos are trash, who needs music videos in 2014?


    TO be continued not TOO be continued. Smh. Brian, are you really a journalist?

    Heck, English is my fifth language but I have noticed your grammatical errors on numerous occasions. Come on, Brian! Proofread your stuff.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      So you speak 5 or more languages?
      We don’t believe you. You need more people.

  • Mastermind

    Fif… WHO SHOT YA? JMJ? Lighty? figure out that rittle and you figure the streets out.
    “Had to work my magic in traffic”

  • smh

    Dre and Jimmy Ivione the reason it’s not working lol yall think Jimmy Ivione gone CLEAR a record PRODUCED by DRE after all the SHIT 50 talked? You niggas are CRAZY! 50 said he DIDN”T NEED DRE! But yall say this is 50s BEST SONG! A song PRODUCED BY DRE! So he trying ride the INTERSCOPE without INTERSCOPE! Its not gone WORK!

    • Anti-Hero

      i watched it on another website

      • areal1

        Which 1????

  • blahblah

    this fool Big Homie actually called Chrysler a Bentley… lmao. and this video is trash. Eif Rivera music video clips are fucking awful. You know a rapper is on a budget when their videos look this fucking bad. Does fifty pay him with food stamps or what ? Fifty is gonna flop on another level with this album. He had better sounding mixtapes. every Deluxe copy of the album will come with an L inside.

    • Anti-Hero

      hes making a video for every song, new vid every week, they all cant be amazing and big budget

      • blahblah

        quality over quantity. Like this visual is literally so bad, that it makes the song sound bad.

  • blackholesurfer

    shits on fire real shit niggas thats how you make music.

  • kW

    It’s a promo video not the real vid

  • gregoire

    just an fyi thats a chrysler 200 not a bentley lol

  • to be continued? wtf lol and i feel the track jus them acting and fight scenes weak AF lol

  • Keith McDaniel

    didn’t kanye have a similar concept in Flashing Lights

    • Juice

      Yeah for the 5 seconds they show 50 Cent locked in the trunk of the car. Lol. U why u reaching? The whole thing is based around a agent chasing down crooks

  • Pretty Red

    Songz came out the closet on twitter. Guess that means his “boss” coming out the closet next. Smh. #OPENLETTER
    “Rise of an Empire”

  • Sam Robilotta

    haven’t even listened to this yet and I already know it’s fire

  • Fire track. Fire video. Fif about to be back on the charts. HOLLY ASS, FACE TOO FUCKIN WAVY! Goddamn. #AnimalAmbition #TIMELESS

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    great great great beat , great hook, i’ve never been a 50 fan , but i’m really enjoying this new content and the interviews. Respect!

  • This hook sounds like a good theme for a fast and furious movie.