Dame Dash On “Biggs” Incarceration

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Roc 4 Life?

Roc-A-Fella co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke is currently doing a five year bid for drug trafficking and conspiracy. Today on RapFix, former partner Dame Dash spoke on the lack of support Kareem has received from behind the wall . Don’t be a fake snake, Free Biggs!

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    I like how he (Dame) played it like “I’m not talking about Jay”, he’s talking about mad cats in Harlem they came up with. Because everyone who watches the video will instantly blame Jay! All successful Black people get criticized for damn near everything they do or don’t do!!!

  • Hussle

    all the money Dame and Biggs made in the Roc-A-Fella days…why are they asking for a handout?? they were multi-millionaires…

    • OKKK

      I could be wrong but i thought dame went broke?


      This is what happens when the “Gravy Train” BKA Jay -Z rolls on without you. Biggs & like 10-20 other dudes all got arrested for moving pounds of weed.

      • GreenBergs

        just for that it makes me dislike jay z that niggas is rotting in a cell for his damn weed..

  • Belize


  • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

    Im an outsider looking in, but as a regular citizen I have a hard time sympathizing with a man who made $30mill before taxes off the sale of Rocawear and decided to sell drugs…..

    • brza


    • cA

      Let me get $1 million, I won’t take it for granted. SMH

    • ncprecise

      you are so right dude

    • PTK

      meanwhile white millionaires are bringing topshelf weed to a dispensary near you with no negative consequences.

      • JD

        The f uck are you talking about. It’s always gotta be about race? Get a f ukcing clue. Kareem Biggs is a f ukcing idiot who sold drugs illegally, KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING WAS WRONG, and got busted for it and now r etards say stupid s hit like Free Biggs.

        • PTK

          what am i talking about? are you blind? how about a 25 year war on drugs that has disproportionately targeted, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated people of color despite the fact that whites do more drugs? how about racist mandatory minimums? how about the fact that the justice dept is conveniently no longer interested in marijuana prosecutions now that states, the medical industry and white millionaires can now profit from it.
          biggs is an idiot cuz he was ahead of the curve? selling weed was morally wrong in 2010 but in 2014 it’s celebrated? these same white guys are doing interviews on 60 minutes and cnn and being hailed as geniuses. meanwhile biggs is doing 5 years minimum; got his house, car and money seized and dash has to sell t-shirts for him. white guys are forming conglomerates right now insuring that we never see a black man go from bricks to billboards. so you tell me if it’s about race.

          • cA


    • Kush Gang

      Dash lookin like “I’m not fuckin wit snitch niggas”. Dash didn’t snitch, Biggs didn’t snitch. Only leaves one person who did…
      “All rats gotta die, even Stewart”

    • BlackAnastasia

      The stock was for 30 Mill but in reality Dame only got about 7Mil out of that sale once the check cleared.Jay snaked him with those Russians and forced a early Buyout for Dame.

  • Kevin Banks

    Fake Snakes Sway

  • rockiefresh

    jay z is a sneaky snake

    • realmusic_ilivefor

      how so????

  • REALLY23

    I feel sorry for the misguided youth who end up incarcerated… Adults who’ve generated millions of bucks, not so much.

  • Esquire

    Everyday I wake up somebody got a problem with Hov


    In the hood we all have either been to jail or know lots of people who’ve been to jail, that being said 90% of us weren’t locked up illegally or for political reasons so lets DEAD the whole FREE__________ shit!!!! If were freeing every inmate then why have laws or jail at all.

    • dam str8…………we are talking about a dude that was suppose to be a millionare……what happened to his money? tell me dude aint take all his dough and invested in weed. dude was making 30-50 mill on rocawear. how am i suppose to feel sorry for him and dame always trying to get sympathy when almost every roc-a-fella artisit was very verbal about dame robbing their money. why you think Jay split from dude ask beans what dame was doing to his money

      • PTK

        they weren’t robbed. rocafella used one person’s budget to pay for all the artist’s expenses. it was cool when unsigned artists were getting clothes, videos and vacays but when their budget came in they wanted to whine.

        • man dame the snake….. dame been doing deals that other members aint know about. ask beans

          • PTK

            since when did beanie become the voice of reason? addicted to syrup and pills and prison, unable to get a buzz or an inspired project. again, it was all cool when artist b was receiving cash from artist a’s budget, all cool when they were going on exotic vacays and it was all cool when they signed on to dame as record label and manager.

  • rickyunos

    i got respect for BIGGS..but he dont need no commissary..lol..Dame buggin! commissary is light shit.. the most you can spend is $180 every 2 wks.. he should of just said dudes should be reachin out..maybe sendin a letter or card or whatever..But when you in a tax bracket with all those zeroes..commissary should never be brung up when talkin bout somebody like BIGGS..(And i did 10 yrs in the can)…not hatin either..im from harlem..119 n lenox til tha death of me.

  • gang

    it bugs me out why ya’ll blaming hov mane he on another level for the past ten years breaking bread with obama and ’em he saw the vision so early with dash knew where he was gon end up made his move sold rocafella went for his master by owning them .its all business mane.. These niggas need learn how to take responsibility for their action music industry dont owe u for shit its all biness dame should know better. straight outta Nigeria we know dash getting at jay he need quit acting up on some subliminal shit .

  • tahina

    Damn yo $200 for a “Free Biggs” sweater????

  • Maybe he’s talking about Cam or Jim Jones too, I hope Dame not keeping the money himself for the 200 hundred dollar shirt.

  • LP1087

    If you think Biggs just started getting it that way, ur…beyond clueless. It’s a reason why he play’d the back. Kids today instagramming what they got going…idiots on that new era HAT shiet

  • marty mcfly

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for some multi millionaires that fucked they money and relationships up? FOH. What these niggas want Jay to do? Aint these niggas supposed to be ballers? So why they cant hold themselves down then? Biggs selling weed out here after making multi millions with Jay for years and now Jay supposed to hold him down? GTFOHWTBS

  • 1_Shot (IV)

    It is pretty clear that Dame is not really talking about Jay with this or wanting to single him out, seems to me he is referring much more to allot of ’round the way homies and Harlem dudes who should be doing more, communicatively or otherwise and aren’t. Hate seeing when someone is mad helpful to others get nothing but the back’s shown to him when it’s time for reciprocation to occur.

  • EricHeisenberg

    LMAOOO Dame Dash talking about respect, but making a little money off Biggs with Shirts when he is locked up. hahaha. snake

  • The Incredible Creation
  • caligotbeatz

    everybody you call your brother is not your brother. The definition of a brother is one who sees you are in need and helps you before you have to ask. If you judge people by this standard they will show you who they are to you.

  • DJ Game

    free biggs? why? he did the crime, now let him do the time. simple.