Iggy Azalea Returns To Breakfast Club


The New Interview.

Tip’s first lady was supposed be on yesterday, but due to her lateness they pushed back her interview to today. She speaks on how she linked up with T.I. as well as her situation with Interscope and Grand Hustle.

UPDATE: On this go round, Iggy spoke on upcoming, The Classic Album, taking the bus from Jersey to attend her previous interview above, fall out with A$AP Rocky, T.I., “Bounce” video, twerking and more.

UPDATE 2:  Iggy returned to Power 105 this morning. She spoke on her relationship status with Laker, Nick Young, her upcoming debut album, new found success, Grand Hustle, claims of fake assets and more.

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  • mrzee

    video isnt working.

  • tha OG

    This bitch is fine and got a fat ass!!!

    • Kush Gang

      What planet do you live on?? They musta called u ugly as a kid, cus u clearly love white women. Smh.
      “Them crackers up there bleaching ya dome”

  • I have new respect for iggy. She kept it real. She’s genuine and shared her struggle.

    • 215to718

      The jawn w/ the clown makeup on? Or did she bleach her skin already? She doesnt keep it real. She’s not genuine. She has no struggle. #Scandal

      • Keshs

        Lmao y u so mad tho

  • I really enjoyed this interview. She was candid and very funny.

    • French

      Yea, if you got a white sense of humor. Dry ass humor. This chick is wack b, straight wack.

      • MoveOn

        You’re wack.

  • miami-LIL SHOTTA

    Yo fuck this HOE…real NIGGA shit…White Girls R only Good for suckin’ DICKS… AND They still ain’t GOOD at it realTALK…

  • yo


  • LOL

    i’d gladly fuck this chick, she seems like a cool gal to be honest too.

    • OVO

      You sound stupid. Nobody tell her nothin!
      “And if you pillow talkin w/ the women that are SCREWING YOU, just know she gon tell her “boss” when she through w/ you”

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  • asap rocky

    She talking bout me smh

  • lordhavemercy

    this chick is manufactured..niggaz been writing her bullshit from the beginning..TIP smashed and thats not a secret and her music sucks azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Mastermind

      Jigga-man smashed before TIP (crimestoppers atl). #imjustsayin
      “I hit it first”

    • sdsod

      LMAO the stupidity

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    stupid has no musical talent just trying to be a pop figure i doubt she cares vabout hip hop cculture whatsoever

    • jyj


  • dll32

    she’s dope! really likable

    • SB

      Nicki Minaj is like able. This broad doesn’t even come close to Nicki. #YOULOOKINASSNIGGA

      • OPA

        lmao nicki is old over 30 bitch hang it up. Yung Iggy A da future

  • That Guy

    respectable interview, respectable personality, she kept it 100. I’ll be DLing that album. illegally. and if im putting it to work i’ll throw money for it. only right.

    • Russ

      LMAO. nigga go home to your wife. If she has time for you, smh.

    • Byrome

      The interview was def paid for by rocnation. she does have a fake personality. These typa chick will never keep it “100”. Tip Harris still smashing? Probably. She def chose to ride for the wrong nigga.
      “GET VERY LOW”

  • Carlos Danger

    she a cool ass aussie with a body so lovely…she got some bars too.

    • Cree

      You corny ass nigga. You obviously not cool. She don’t even write them bars. Period.

  • Maino

    Lakers nicke young starts datin this broad. Then his crib gets robbed for $100K? pay attention people, don’t trust this chick. She has ALWAYS worked for a fuck nigga. Even before she worked for T.I.

  • areal1

    Yo this was a surprisingly good interview she seems very down to earth and she had a great personality

    • AZ

      Nah. Nobody fuckin witcha or ya wack chick.
      “Your wife is a whore”

      • areal1

        Huh???? Exit stage left wierdo

  • 534KushGang

    The interview was sponsored by rocnation, duh. she has a fake personality. These type chicks never keep it “100”. Tip Harris still smashing. She chose to ride for the wrong nigga(s).
    “GET LOW”

  • Jesus Walks

    Charlemagne lookin like “not fuckin wit this bitch”. Dj env lookin like “I’m tellin my dad on this bitch” lol. Angie Yee lookin like “yay, Working for/fucking the same fuck nigga as white girl iggy. One step closer to being a white woman, yay” lmao. #breakfastclub #yay

  • K.O.

    When she speaks in her Australian accent and doesn’t act like something she’s not, she comes off a as a really likable and smart young lady.

    • Birdman5Star

      Who are you trying to fool? Lmao. She comes off as a manipulative sneaky ass chick. She has ZERO like ability dummy. You and her are both DONE lol.

  • AJ

    Love her!!! #TheNewClassic