• Davey Allen

    Mo Money Mo Problems…

  • Hussle

    Someone needs to slap Irv for this…

  • Carlito R

    Is there a version without Iggy on it? I mean I actually like Iggy but not on this song.

  • Tanya

    Don’t say who you like simply because you heard them right, because it’s the person who gets the credit and sometimes those people are the bandits. Irv is the liar, Iggy is Satan, so cut the bullshits all of you, you are not cool enough to speak and there are beautiful people here and this is my turf so get that crap out of here because we don’t need all of you groupies and fans because all go you are assholes!!!!!!! Don’t speak about things because you don’t know what are being talked about!!!!!!

  • The Incredible Creation