• tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    1 hot song and the music business treats this guy like royalty. The Music business is desperate. Independents are doing their own shit… making their own labels.

    R.I.P. to the Majors.

    • factsonly

      LOLS you thinking he only has 1 hit. When 5 of his songs are playing worldwide.

    • MMG

      Tristan Wilds work for the same fuck nigga as Tremaine Neverson. R&B ain’t been the same since Usher Raymond ‘Confessions’ smh.

  • Hussle

    Idc about his music, this nigga gonna stay Michael to me

    • Guest

      oh really, i didn’t know that?! news to me what are the names of the songs, i’ll check them out. 5 songs is a lot though, sounds like an exaggeration.

  • james dean

    This dude cant sing lol

  • james dean

    Mack Wilds is disrespecting these classics by covering them. I miss the 90s where singing actually mattered and there was no auto tune.

  • isabelincreible

    Wow so much disrespect! Tell me who in the same Genre of music is doing it better right now? Hip Hop R&B that is! His cover of remember the time is his rendition of the song. Music is a way of expressing your self and others may not be able to appreciate your style because they have different taste but don’t take credit away from this man by saying he can’t sing or that he doesn’t deserve a spot in the industry. He’s working hard doing what he loves and it shows. You may respond to this a few months from now when I am sure he will have accomplished alot more.

  • Tanya

    I don’t like those people who are stopping the fight, when in fact there should be a fight.