• DaTruthWillSetUFree

    This nigga doesn’t know how to lose.

    • drakedickallinyourmouth

      Man stfu. This song wack. I dont care if he talking about ri ri or erykah. The song from yesterday was better.

      • DaTruthWillSetUFree

        You mad or what?

        • Everybody

          No it’s called an “opinion” say it with me now O P I N I O N we all have one. Go sit down.

          • Timeless

            It’s called an opinion, but you just told a guy to shut the fuck up for expressing he’s. Retard.

          • Everybody

            I missed that part and It wasn’t me that told him big guy.

          • Sam Robilotta

            but it don’t sound like an opinion, sounds like you stating a fact, but the fact is that your opinion is wak

      • Everybody


      • GetReal

        mad bro?

      • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

        track isnt better den draft day but to say its wack is completely false.

    • Scott Notmescudi

      agreed. he killed it. this nkka bitin drizzy tho smh http://www.soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/wishfulthinking

    • Everybody

      Um he just did with this?!

  • Hussle

    just when you think this nigga is on a mission to come at everybody, he drops this. Smh….

    • intelligentsoul

      yeah its called being diverse. Diss songs are for the broke. let that marinate one time

      • super soaker

        Intelligent soul sounds like a bitch. Yeah, let that marinate one time.

        • cA


  • jaysanon

    D O P E Heartbreak Drake at it again!

  • dk

    drake stay winning. “just know that i don’t make music for nighas who don’t get pussy, so those are the ones i can count on to diss or overlook me”

    • I call bullshit

      I fuck with some songs by drake but Drake stans are the worst. They bitches too. If someone doesnt like the song they dismiss it as you dont get no pussy so the song aint for you. Nah kid, the song aint all that. Facts.

      • dk

        i’m no drake stan. More of a cole stan. its funny how you think your words are the gospel, when in reality, they’re opinions. you funny bruh. “facts” haha

        • I call bullshit

          MY WORD IS THE GOSPEL!!!

      • dk

        you like some of his songs but then call him and his fans bitches. what that make you?? give this nigha the biggest heehaw of the day..JACKASS

        • dk is suspect not a suspect

          Stans and fans are two different things. Stans are suspect.

    • BK!!

      Na…He makes songs for dudes who are pussy!!!He makes songs for teenage girls.Any dude who relly says he is a Drake fan must be buying into the Kanye skirt shit also…GTFOH!This dude is corny…

      • dk

        nighas are something else. and no, i do not mean black people. ignorant people like you. if dude is so corny, WHY EVEN FUCKIN LISTEN?? shit doesn’t make sense to me! you a jackass. what? you’re not receiving enough attention elsewhere? you have to come on websites and talk bad about another man…reevaluate your life.

        • Chronic

          People who think drakes corny a lot (like me) still listen cause he occasionally drops a straight rap song that he goes in on. But all this singing and shit while having a horrible singing voice and making all this pop music shit he has been for the last year especially makes him corny

          • dk

            so by not being confined to this imaginary box to where he has to just spit, makes him corny? I see. THis tells me that if someone differs from your taste, they are corny or whatever adjective you want to use. gotcha

          • cornholio

            Dk a cornball

          • Dk

            Truth hurts

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad

    THIS SHIT PUT ME BACK TO SLEE……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • E g

    This is a good song but I prefer yesterday’s “draft day” I’m not gonna hate he caters to what his fans want some want bars others want r&b-ish songs and that why he stays winning
    Still waiting on that “or nah remix” drizzy!

    • intelligentsoul

      first logical response ive seen so far!!

      • nigga

        Drake is datchu????

        You pussy

  • sleepy

    This song got me feeling drowsy and I just woke up. Smh

  • It’s Just Music

    this is corny.

  • polopolo1

    Nah not feelin this one, I thought this nigga was on a mission yesterday and I usually like his slow jams but I can’t get jiggy wit dis shit

  • sam

    Truthfully speaking you can’t marginalize this dude (KANYE ) if u Don’t like his rnb semi rap keep it moving he dropped rap music yesterday. Dude so versatile that’s why he stay winning appreciate dude’s talent u ain’t gotta like everything he does, rap,rnb,boastful song to me he’ dope.

    • dk


      • grapevine

        Dk sucks drakes dick on off nights

  • Musikal

    Goddammit drake smh.

  • eh ill stick to the draft day drizzy this nigga went from mc to wedding singer in a few days

  • Nomorepaininc.
  • BK!!

    Corny as fuck!This shit is tired Aubrey!

    • Leo

      Corny??? what is the definition of corny? uneducated net ppl are the worst smh. I bet you’re listening to this song right now. Drake is a versatile artist & that’s something your fake gangster rapper doesnt have so be grateful. Great music is music doesnt matter the genre

      • leo sound like a bitch


  • TH

    So I guess everyone is studying this song for Jay-Z subliminals too?? LOL…..he must be singing to Beyoncé!!!

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    I was actually feeling that draft day track & then he goes back to….this. And drake fans slurp it up. I’m convinced dude could record the sound of him pissing in a toilet & his fans will say they’ve never heard pee hit a toilet so gracefully.

    • brza


    • intelligentsoul

      So you expect him just to make rap songs for the rest of his career so he can be boxed in? LMAOOO

      • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

        I never said that. See you Drake fans like putting words in peoples mouth. Ever heard of Aloe Blacc?

        • PUSHERTONE

          Agree most of the shit he sings is off beat and off tune and thats become so popular that nowadays its cool to be a bad singer , no new friendsss no no nooooouuuuuu. come on man stick to raping bout white problems n shit 😀 LMAO drake fans so touchy!!

          • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

            extra touchy. they don’t like hearing criticism about him. I’m not even trying to be funny when I say I think some of his music increases estrogen levels in men

    • Theodore Pendergrass


    • radio raheem

      I never understand people like you… its because Drake is as Diverse as the airport…. Drake isn’t making songs like this for people who can’t connect to them…. You slurp it up… thats whats wrong with you irrelevant people who judge it.. AWWWW I’m sorry you never found love and can’t connect to this song… go listen to some other bull shit with a nice banger beat… Drake doesn’t rap he makes music.. i know rap …. I can rap … Radio Raheem NY Look out soon…. my opinion on hip hop matters… Real artists could care less about people who can’t rap and judge….

      little sample for anybody who’s bold and got something smart to say……

      I Kingpin this rapthing

      I Stayed sickening
      The kid Been Flowing from head rap christening

      So Glistening got em in the dark room listening legends missing Ill be Commissioning

      I said I’m like mike with the mic

      Flow Punch kick box you couldn’t guess my SIKE

      My Punch so Miranda bar hit him with the right

      Radio Raheem the dream Hakeem I spite

      Mike coming soon LOOK OUT FOR ME …

    • LA Tha Gawd™

      You ah dumbass gee… This nigga R&B records be better than niggas that just do R&B. Drake make better music than everybody nowadays. The singing isn’t bad at all gee, your opinion just sounds like hate to me. You prolly one if them niggas that listen to Boosie & Webbie all the time & claim that Kendrick the leader of the new school. & Niggas that think like that are full of shit!

  • Everybody

    This is wack as fuck! Stop with all that “huuhuhhhhuuuhhuuooohaaah” Drake this shit is so corny! Singing is not your strong point.

  • Chronic

    Only reason he dropped draft day is so people wouldn’t dismiss him when he dropped this wack shit

    • Everybody

      So true! “Dat boy singing on every song when he know he can spit.”

  • i see u YN Dick riding drake on twitter lol i bet he invites u over to his crib for pillow fights

  • Nic Aych

    HE WILL DROP BARS 1ST THEN SING A TUNE NEXT… He’s appealing to multiple audiences. Going down as the GOAT.

    • intelligentsoul

      2nd best logical answer ive seen on here!!

      • fuck your “intelligent soul”

        Drake is pussy and both of yall are too

      • Nic Aych

        you have a legit hatter bro. @intelligentsoul:disqus

        • Nic Aych


    • radio raheem NY lookout soon

      couldn’t have said it any better…. his connections to many different people will make the GOAT…. Its not about being “HARD” all the time to impress tough guys.. DRAKE will be the GOAT of our gen because you might hate him… but I’m sure a Drake hater has at least one drake song they like….. soo yah

  • cannon

    i wish i was drakes manager cuz i would tell this dude to stick to rapping for versus and sing on hooks only

  • intelligentsoul

    If yall did yall homework you would realize that ” brand new” is the song that got Drake his buzz…THEN came the rap. So to expect to stray away from it is stupid. Dont like it…then dont listen.

  • Viva La Raza

    this is tight….minimal people push the boundries of rapping…

  • shaolinmaster

    if you think drake is the best rapper out right now please do not call yourself a fan of hip hop… wack mainstream niggas.

    • Theodore Pendergrass


  • HOv

    Soft and Wack!!! R.I.P to YMCMB..that complication was a weed plate. Jay Z said it best..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf-K_cyLk8Q

  • CS

    The Fact That People Hate This Man For Using The Talent God Gave Him Is Crazy. If He Can Sing And Rap…Let Him Do That Shit. Everybody Can State Their Opinion Which Is Cool But Damn…Music Is A Form Of Expression.

    • up

      He cant sing tho

    • Everybody

      That must’ve taken so long to type capping each word?!

  • 416

    Honestly, I’m not even a drake dick-rider but shit… This guy’s done it again! I’m just amazed how this guy puts out such quality work time and time again.. Seriously, just crown the fuckin guy!

    • grapevine

      Nah, you just a drake dick sucker

      • 416

        no class, ignorant

  • 416

    I just read some of the comments in this section…

    Seriously?!.. If you don’t like Drake or his music, don’t listen to it..

    If you like some of his tracks, and not others, listen to the ones you like..

    But hating on the guy because his thing is DIFFERENT than your thing.. you’re just ignorant.. your attitude, your intolerance of others’ lifestyles or opinions, is the same ignorance that perpetuated racism, sexism, etc and continues to perpetuate negativity and the irrationality that exists today..

    Culture and society cannot move forward because of YOU, the ignorant, who anchor our progress to the past because you’re so intolerant of change and the open-mindedness necessary for progress..

    Honestly, comment sections like this are a said reminder of how far we still need to bring some people..

    And no I don’t give a damn if you like Drake or his music.. But if some people do, it shouldn’t bother you. Music is the manufacturing of emotion.. Nobody is just Angry 24/7 or Gangster 24/7.. A real human being is all emotions, good and bad, depending on circumstance.. some drake songs reflect different emotions.. If you do not want to relate to those aspects of your personality, than that says something more interesting about you.. Maybe you need to look deeper inside yourself.. What makes you not want to go there? Or experience full human emotion?

    In any case, its obvious your ignorant, so I don’t expect you to understand the above.. Just message back a Fuck you, your gay, or some other stupid shit that proves my point..

    Keep making REAL music Drake!

    Stan of Life

    • Strong Enough

      “Seriously?!.. If you don’t like Drake or his music, don’t listen to it..”

      never works with them. that argument. just let them talk.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    whooooooooo nice!!! Nice kick, nice topline, nice mood 😀 Whooooo!!

  • Drake rarely disappoints. Glad to see him still releasing new jams even after the tour and album, consistency wins.

  • woody
  • @YankeeLuvnGiant

    son can’t miss simple as that

  • Seriously4

    Niggas love sayin Drake soft cause he sing, but HE NOT SINGING TO YOU. HE SINGING TO THE BITCHES

    • Dk

      Say that shit again for these hatin’ ass nighas.

  • insight3000bc


  • mangamonster

    Most of you that complain about his music don’t buy it, even if you like it. why should he cater his sound to a bunch of haters that don’t buy music? That’s like the president catering to an audience that didn’t vote for him and would never vote for him.

    This is the business of selling records. So the music is made for people who will buy those records. Even a free song like this will keep him relevant in between albums, and help him gain more fans and sell more albums next time.

    You complain about him singing, but what does your girl have to say about it?

    • GetReal

      the greatest comment on here, nobody gives a fuck if you don’t like his singing its what sells

  • Tommy Major

    I like this song. People always want artist to stay the same. I like that Drake expands his reach by going outside of his genre. If you don’t like this song move on, stop bitching about it he’s been in the game for 5 years now and he’s been singing since the beginning yet you act surprised every time he does a song like this. This is who drake is, don’t like it stop listening to him straight up.

  • Y

    first wiz khalifa now drake stealing the Young thug flow

  • gwinetty

    Ms. Drizzy.

    • Strong Enough

      all hits no mrs.

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    This shit is fucking terrible!!! I don’t care if y’all call me a hater or not. I fux with Drake singing on some tracks, but he just sounds fucking horrible on this one.

  • GreenBergs

    this is going to get weird folks, whose dick does yn and bdot have further down their throats?? jayz’s ? or drake’s?

  • gimmeabreak

    The latest example of why black men are no longer strong. This is who yall look up to. A weak man.

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    From So Far Gone to Nothing Was The Same I never heard ah bad Drake record… Just classic shit & this track right here is straight dope. He has the best sound right now gees. He can switch up like no other & still give you ah great outcome with his music. Drake never disappoints me…

  • Jack

    Every single one of you arguing with each other on this thread about Drake are pansies.

  • Landon2421

    yall haters i swear listen to what dude is sayin, if you dont like the lyrics you just cant relate but this is powerful

  • Toronto???

    this nicca said ricin thru my old hood right now…. smh

  • Sam Robilotta

    he just warmin up, yall DRAKE HATERS IN FOR SOME SHIT

  • Michael Angelo

    I prefer when drake raps, but this shit is hot !!

  • BEE

    Drake is artistic and diverse, this is like a fuck you to haters after that hard Draft day track, like saying “i win on both sides, bitch!”

  • devonwallace

    J.cole> everything. Real artist right there for ya