New Music: Tony Yayo Ft. Uncle Murda x Joell Ortiz “New York”


Big Apple Circus.Tony Yayo shows some hometown pride with neighboring residents Uncle Murda and Joell Ortiz. Gentrifiers, listen up. Check out for Yayo’s El Chapo 3 arriving later this year.


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  • Ocho

    Trinidad James has been destroyed over his comments lol…He was just too easy of a target

    • Carlos Danger

      i wonder if somebody like bun b has said it would maino had check him

      • brooklyna from brooklyn amd.i grew up.around maino… so yup he sure would have.. he does not care lol

        • nah i dont think so…you must be young or you really dont know maino…stop lying…if it was bun b he woulda approached the situation differently because there is a level of respect…there was no level of respect with trinidad james…come on bro you supposed to know this

          • lol…listen up you young internet niggas…real niggas respect real niggas…but real niggas despise fake niggas…take it how you want

          • this nigga up top saying what he know maino would do…lol…you internet niggas…how you gonna speak for another man…you have no clue…you must be a whiteboy who is definitely not from brooklyn…we can run facts…what high school you go to? imma expose you in a minute

          • brooklyna

            Aint nobody got to lie.nigga.. im a grown ass man.. and secondly u talking shit about things u have no knowledge of homey.. stayin your place

  • GreenBergs

    what an original song title…

    • Extra Domus

      stfu forever

  • Bkmkj

    Jea yayo show some life nigg lol…Yaowa!!

  • Jig-ah

    U could Tell the Strength of Some1 by there Opponent they choice 2 Fight…A lot of Pussy Niggas got Strength for Trinidad BUT won’t do Shit when Kendrick was Talking all that Shit…# Cali Love Got Niggas Scare

    • EchoxHotel

      You mustve been living under a rock, niggas respondes to kendrick beastmode but ppl was downplaying the responses because Kendrick is a dope new nigga. The only one who got press was papoose for some odd reason and non of the nice niggas even got props for responding. Even Hot 97 was more worried about the niggas kendrick actually named.

    • Get Moneynigga

      Cali niggas definitely get love becuz some of em earn’d it.I’m a D nigga so I peep both sides NY music and Cali music but the last time I check’d Joel went HAM on that control beat directed at K.Dot and I’m a K.Dot fan.

    • BK!!

      Just to bruise your heart a little JOELL BODIED Kendrick after he sad that shit…Check the stats Homey!Aint no shook hands in BROOKLYN!!!#NYCFATHEREDYOU!

  • EchoxHotel

    This beat fire!!!!

  • Jack


  • Get Moneynigga

    I’m a Detroit Nigga but I Love to see niggas rep’n they city.NY artist need to get back on they shit.That goes for 50,who doing his thang right now w/all the videos and tracks he putting out.Tony Yayo I fucks with but it’s about time for you to get on yo shit,as well as Lloyd Banks,Fab,Jadakiss with a solo project and every other NY STREET REPRESENTER.

    • Michael Ibbett

      Why do you love to see black people representing their city of origin?

  • Hussle

    beat is dope!! keep that and that Joell verse, and replace Yay and Uncle Murda by Banks and Kiss!!!

    • Craig

      no, Yayo verse was great

      • splllliffniticity

        yeah that first yayo cd was the shit. and his two verses on the g-unit album and the verse on the game album where he talked about ditching house to go on some world tours(which he did.. man that would have been a crazy show to see live.. all g-unit happy on stage) Game Banks Yayo BUck and 50s


    Okay, Yayo! This is pretty nice!

  • King Just

    This sounds like some 90’s funk flex 60 minutes joint. Fire right here.

  • Extra Domus


  • rockiefresh



    You can’t be 49 and still trying to rap. Find something else to do, Tony.

    • Gunplay’s Chain

      hes younger than 50 is who 38 or 39

  • EricHeisenberg

    okay Yayo this is hard.

  • lol they still only diss T james lol pussy all the niggaz that’s then shitted on ny smh real tough guys i see lol

  • Coroner

    Tony Yayo is back on his 2005 shit!

  • The Incredible Creation

    wonder how much he paid Joell tho… =/ & Nas never really signed with Murder Inc. …”almost” but the deal was never done… Better luck next time, Tony… lol