New Video: Jon Connor “The Devil Is A Lie”

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Spring isn’t the only season upon us. In the wake of his new deal, Jonnor’s back with new content. On the track, he says Dr. Dre signed him for half a ticket. Now that’s beats by the pound. Download Jon’s latest mixtape here.

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  • Capuccino

    no lie every time I play his best in the world tape chillin at the crib my homies askin who it is so they can cop it. my man JC com in up fast

  • KanYe2tha

    this nigga is lyrically great but this video was corny fam. wish this cat nothing but success tho

  • kanye west

    why did dre sign this guy. i see no star power.

    • Toni Strandman

      Cuz this guy is lyricly dope and got a nice flow. I know Aftermath tryena push people to star power but we need to shift focus from these lame ass 2chainz, french montana, rick ross typ of rappers that cant even rap good… put lyricism in the forefront. fuck is rappin about if not lyricism…

      • kanye west

        dude his mixtape is very unimaginative.

        • Boss

          the mixtape was highly imaginative lyrically, you should probably listen to his previous projects, especially Unconscious State

  • The Incredible Creation

    hope the album drops before Detox tho.. zzzzzzzzz =/