Scarface Announces New Album

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Guess Who’s Bizack?

Facemob! And more focused and slimmer, he’s now working on his 12th studio album, Deeply Rooted.

In his first installment of his new webisode, he speaks on the project, an upcoming book and more. No release date just yet, but we do get a preview of new music.


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  • Belize

    Welcome back OG

  • Steve Schweizer

    Finally felt like the time is right…he had said he wasn’t feeling the format last year

  • Jack

    Never seen a man cry till I seen a man die

  • Jahbari Townsend

    He lost weight! Glad you’re back in the game!


    Undeniable LEGEND!!!!! Can’t wait for the album!!!!

  • trill

    its bout to go double wood

  • rockiefresh

    Bout time

  • M.E.C.C.A,

    Scarface the brad not the fad…said that in one of my rhymes to bad only few could relate…

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Nigga cause you ass that why. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure you ass nigga. Scarface the brad not the fad, get that stupid shit outta here.

  • NeverSeenAManCry

    If he plays the cards right with the overall sound, tone & features he could actually sell a lot , I don’t think scarface actually notices how big his fan base is lol.

    come with that G shit and real fans will support you like they did SchoolBoy’s album – not to compare .

    I bump ‘The Diary’ almost everyday . I was about 1 Y/O when that shit dropped too lol, gimmi another one of them . ill take two

    • Fresh360

      ‘Face is in my top 5 all time but he not gonna sell…We just have to keep in mind that sales do not equal quality and respect and support a legend.

  • The Incredible Creation

    definitely lost hella weight… hope the album is dope tho… was just bumpin ‘the fix’ not too long ago