Game Investigated For Domestic Assault

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Not A Game.

The L.A. County Sheriff Department has launched a criminal investigation on Game for felony domestic violence.

According to a filed report over last weekend, fiancé Tiffney Cambridge claims he physically assaulted her during a domestic dispute back on March 19. Game tells TMZ:

“I don’t want to give fuel to these false accusations, but the truth will definitely come out. I am always looking out for my children’s safety and have never laid a hand on Tiffney.”

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  • Forever King

    I know somewhere 40 Glocc is laughing with a black eye!

    • Vadit Bolinger

      Yes lol

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      40 got arrested for domestic violence like a year before Game put hands on him. 40 cant laugh at shit Game does as long as that lawsuit is still pending lol!

  • Rumando

    50 is putting out new music every single week and dropping 2 new albums this year while Game is somewhere performing “Celebration” from 2012

    • Vadit Bolinger


      • Kevin Banks

        Jay Z is somewhere performing Big Pimpin from 2000 and Dead Presidents from 1996

        • Forever King

          Yes but he also has new hits like “Holy Grail” “On the Run (Part II)” and “Fuckwitmeyouknowigotit”

          • The Incredible Creation

            …that wasn’t the point tho lol

    • EricHeisenberg

      LMAOO deadass

    • Jan Izzle

      shut ur face 50 dickrider

  • phuccuthot

    both comments are mad gay mad haters on game dawg…game raps better than 50 and 40 glocc laughing in the bushes

    • Vadit Bolinger

      YOU MAD BRO? (In my Richard Sherman voice)

    • Rumando

      Being a better rapper doesn’t mean he’s making better music. Common is way more lyrical than Drake but is he making better music?

      • Your Boss


      • Non Fiction Dixon

        I like 50 but he never made better music than Game! GRODT was 50s best shit. Game got like four classic albums. Hold On and The Funeral were the only hot new joints 50 has. Pilot and Smoke were garbage!

        • Forever King

          I liked every song he put out except “Don’t Worry Bout It” and Game’s last two albums weren’t classics to me!

        • Hussle

          Game got 4 classics??? LOL are you serious??? even the greats like Pac, Em and Jay barely have 4 classics under their belts

          • Non Fiction Dixon

            With the exception R.E.D. every Game album was classic hands down. I know Game is going to get hated but you cant tell me The Documentary, D.A., LAX and Jesus Piece werent good albums musically!

        • DDE

          Nigga you are insane, How could 50 never had made better music than Game when he wrote or co-wrote Game’s biggest songs? Game does not and will never have 4 classic albums.

  • Vadit Bolinger

    I remember there was a time in hip hop where Game was putting out quality music while 50 was doing antics like this, it seems now the roles have reversed. I hope this ain’t true because this will not be a good look for him

  • @SxlxJxnes

    Pic would make a great album cover tho.

    • Anti-Hero

      we don’t even know if he was cuffed, he could have been walking down the street and saw the cop car and asked his pal to take a selfie for instagram.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    homeless guy ????

  • fuck game

    Yeah 40 glocc was by his self when game call his self fighting him.

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      Just like plies was by his self when 40 ran up on him with 80 niggas!

  • EricHeisenberg

    when ever you make a statement it usually means guilt…stay quiet let the courts make your statement. Game just wants to be next to Jimmy Henchman so bad. lock him up.

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Why did she wait 2 weeks to file a report! Just like a woman she probably blackmaled him and he didnt follow thru with her demands so she filed a report! Not defending abuse there is something shaky about the situation!

    • Anti-Hero

      where does it say she waited 2 weeks?

  • jaysanon

    EVERYBODY in Hip-Hop is going to jail these days lol!

  • BlueScalise

    Say goodbye to your endorsements and record deal, oh yeah its Game, he doesn’t have those.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Can we get some new 300-bar style diss tracks going tho? HIP HOP boring LOL smh