• Hussle

    Q delivered a good album. #tde

  • Shawn

    TDE!!!!!!!! All day

  • Matik


  • veesky

    Solid album, “Studio” is one of the weaker tracks in my opinion, I like BJ the Chicago Kid just fine but between the repetitiveness and Q not saying much, kinda seems like a filler track. And I think it’s safe to say, “What They Want” just isn’t the same w/o 2 Chainz

    • Toni Strandman

      Dont really like 2 chainz but I agree.. he sounds nice on some tracks he on and he made a good fit on that track. Also studio is one of the weakest on the album but none the less the album is good, havent gotten around to buyin it yet tho but sure will.

  • sway-z

    Y’all tripping, Studio is the best commercial track he got on the album, he should’ve came with this instead of “Hell of a Night” which IMO is definitely the worst song on the whole thing…