The L.A. Leakers Interview YN

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Yellow Negro Tales.

After kicking it with DJ Skee, Elliott continued his press run with The L.A. Leakers. In the first of his four part interview, he talked about his first rap review and tenure at XXL.

Part 2: Elliott talks about Lil Wayne’s SXSW interview, Drake, and Macklemore’s Grammy win.

Part 3: YN speaks on Jay Electronica and Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar’s artistry.

Part 4: Lastly, Elliott talks about the shit he don’t like, Double R content, New York, and future endeavors.

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  • aikens todd

    The press is doing a press run? SMH EW you’re just a reporter/blogger. You can call me a hater but lets face it no one gives a fuck about you like that. Bloggers who think their celebs shit is crazy.

  • rockiefresh

    lol he wants to be famous so bad smh thats why he spends his life on twitter and online where he feels he can be something special but in the real world his a nobody plus his older than my granddad

  • NativeKing

    struggle fame…

  • Viva La Raza

    Yeah its odd, but the stories he shares warrant the exposure…
    hes a culture participant, so it is valid bottomline.

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Rosenberg > Wilson

  • LuckyP

    your fucking face, that God awful laugh and these horrid stories of yours make me sick YN. plus you have the most disgusting, all over the place twitter known to man !

  • kanye west

    lame shit. just stick to being a blogger.

  • R$H

    I dont understand the hate on YN? The dude brings you the artists and stories behind the artists you guys obsess , argue, hate, love and listen to . So whats the problem? He has revolutionized the media game to the point where people want to know about his business mind, his relationship with artists and how he got to this point. Trolls on here talking about “nobody cares” don’t know WTF you’re talking about….thats like saying “Who cares about Russell Simmons?”

    Get it together. @Rambohustle if you need me. @Rhustle_media is why I care.

    ANYBODY wanting to be a part of hip-hop media should look up and admire this guy as a pioneer. PERIOD.

    • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

      You’re comparing YN to Russell Simmons? Really, fam?! What has he really brought to the table? Think about it for a bit before you answer.

      • R$H

        Im not comparing the 2. Im comparing peoples undying , relentless efforts to discredit his work. Like….half the pl on here will NEVER do half what he has in regards to media, relationships and networking.

        Not to mention….this is HIS WEBSITE!!! lol – Clearly the ppl criticizing come here daily. So it DOES have some solid value to it. Russle Simmons made it possible for Elliott Wilson to do what he’s doing…..and YN will make it possible for some of these overly opinionated as you guys would call HIM “Talentless Clowns” to have a chance once you realize rappin wasnt your thing. [End Quote]

  • Anti-Hero

    why does this keep coming back to the front?

  • NightBlazer

    Yellow Negro?? I mean I have respect for Eilliot cause of his CRWN interviews but he aint really special. Sway is a better interviewer though.

  • Ocho

    I don’t think its so much that Elliot Wilson is a “celebrity” .. but he is a very stablished music journalist… He’s seen and heard from our favorite artist for a long time… We should be able to sit back and respect his position in Hip hop

  • Peekay


  • EchoxHotel

    This shit stay in the front…, nobody cares!!!

  • rudy

    Bitch ass YN 50 started yo ass

  • The Incredible Creation