DJ Drama Interviews 50 Cent

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Still on his press run, Fif visited DJ Drama’s show on Shade 45 the other night. He spoke on Animal Ambition, leaving Interscope, G-Unit, Ja Rule and confirms Street Immortal is still on the way.



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  • guc


    • mrz

      most definitely, thats what bosses do lol

  • Hussle

    20mins of the same shit he said on Breakfast Club and that Sirius interview. Ask other questions people…

    • Ken

      u kna mean!!, ppl acting like fif b repeating the same shit,.. but its the goddam same questions they keep on asking him so for him to always answer the same shit means his keepin it 100..

    • Anti-Hero

      it wasn’t all the same, he was talking about what went on with his son in those leaked texts

  • BlueScalise

    Haters be Happy. It’s all 50 Cent until June 3rd. Get used to it… The General is back.

  • smh

    this nigga give the same answers every interview. and what funny about he NEVER ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION LOL

  • lowdown

    why he shit on yayo like that? that wasn’t cool homie! damn you use ta be the man homie !

  • dickheadsnorepliesplease

    I told yall banks and yayo cant move without 50 because they still signed to 50. he just said it

  • The Incredible Creation

  • The Incredible Creation

    ** Remember?! Eminem’s “Hail Mary” [ft. 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes] (Dissin’ Ja Rule & Murder Inc.) ** **

  • Michael Ibbett

    My mind on gettin money, bumpin New 50

  • fuckyou

    By the he way he’s dropping his album is smart. If you hate you haven’t been watching. This nigga 50 been dropping music consistently all year every year. There’s just no push witch creates that void in which an artist is eitha forced to go along with it or get no push. Going independent should’ve happened years ago. By the time his album drops every record before it will have already charted, that’s if he keeps coming at the audience consistently. Its forcing you to make a choice. Anti 50 cent or pro 50 cent. If his plan works the numbers would be crazy. Only time will tell.

    • fuckyou

      But the way he’s*****

      • wewillseejune10

        I bet he don’t do 50K copies the first week! BISD only did 26K copies the FIRST WEEK on ITUNES! Then the SECOND WEEK it sold another 120K INSTORES! and that WITH INTERSCOPE! It took 50 TWO WEEK to sale 150K copies on a MAJOR! If I was 50 I would drop it NOW for FREE and cut my losses! If he do UNDER 50K GAME OVER!

        • fuckyou

          His last album was leaked a month ahead of time. That album was underated give or take 3 songs. Your facts are ass backwards my brother. Google the statement you just made. That album is gold and its opening week was 30,000 or so less then what officer rocky just did in 2014 on his first week. 50 has over 7 million followers. Relevancy ? His fan base is tuff. I bet his album will sound better then any hip hop album out in 2014 so far. You a hater for clicking on this article knowing damn well you don’t want to here this mans music.

        • fuckyou

          300,000 first week but only if these hot singles keep the haters on their heals. Tuck ya skirts in. Like it or not he’s still better then ya favorite rapper. What French mantan just did 50k first week right ? All that nigga do is feature. Yg album was better then that. School boy q album was better then that. Rick Ross – devil is a lie is not better then 50 cents hold on, don’t worry bout it or pilot. He’s on point with these singles. Getting a lot of buzz right now and its all because of good music and haters. If you have no haters then your doing something wrong. #animalambition June 3rd let the music speak for its self.


    Does 50 actually think he actually release an actual album and make an actual comeback?

    • hands

      haha i was just thinking about editing together all the times he uses the word actual and actually into one video titled “things 50 says to make himself actually sound intelligent in the actual climate that we’re actually in”

      • Gunplay’s Chain

        you must have no life

  • real shit

    50 gets movie money Rick ross hoe ass talking bout check the score board.


      Actually Rick Ross makes better music. In today’s actual music landscape 50 can’t survive. He’s been dead, and people moved on eons ago.

  • LOL

    this nigga recycling interviews or something? he uses the same words in each interview, i know i’m not the one one noticing.

  • Carlos Danger

    dude pay attention to everything…that’s why he makes the big bucks.