Nas On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

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Gang Sign.

Continuing his 20 year victory lap, Mr. Jones joined the panel last night on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. He spoke the classic album, Black Republicans, Ft. Hood shooting, the DeSean Jackson fiasco and more.

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  • Nas dresses like a faggot. is that a blouse or dress? lmao at leat Lil Wayne dresses like a man. swag

    Tha Carter II, III & IV > Illmatic

    • guc

      Yo when yo album coming out i been waiting forever

      • yo man, It’s comin out officially on May 6th. new single, tracklist and album artwork next week! swag

        • guc

          cant wait keep up the good work SWAG

        • Get Moneynigga

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        • Jamie Brown

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    • Toni Strandman

      LMAO @ Wayne’s shit bein better than Illmatic haha…

    • Sinzu

      This is how we know your shit is gon’ be trash. Don’t even bother to put it out

    • shut up

      how the fuck is this the number one comment on this post? youre an idiot

    • Everybody

      You are THE definition of being “The Worst” smh.

    • fuck lil wayne

      your a fucking faggot what the fuck is lil wayne with his retarded ass voice sounds like he s getting fucked in the ass

    • jbloom

      Really using that kind of language that is offensive to homosexuals is unacceptable and not wanted to see anywhere on the internet. Keep those comments to yourself.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      whatttt???? little wayne started that skinny jean truckfit bullshit.

    • Apimpname Slickback

      Lil Wayne wore leopard print leggings and female uggs lmao you’re comment is invalid

  • Timothy Lee

    Wait….why was Nas there again? To be asked one black question? LOLLLLL

  • Anthony Summers

    What ? Who?

  • Anthony Poirier

    What the fuck is Illmatic? Who the fuck is this Nas or Lil Wayne? If this is about Rap, then I’m on the wrong comment list. Because I’m a musician and I usually only comment when music is involved. Rap and hip hop is all the same, bad electro beats put to shitty poetry. When your legacy lasts as long as the Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Led Zeppelin and thousands of superior musical talents, then come look me up to talk about music. Until then, I’ll make some, and you guys can keep on pretending.

    • Anonymous

      This guy talking out his ass. Dude, never compare Lil Wayne to Nas, also, how you gonna dismiss a hip-hop legend because he ain’t been around long as the Who? When you release 6 platinum albums come talk to me about how Nas is shit, until then, kindly go fuck yourself.

      • CS

        Thank you .. @anthonypoirier is sounding real ignorant right now.

      • Joe

        Lil Wayne, with his life’s work and accomplishments piled up, will never come close to “get down”

    • Kenneth Arias

      lol this guy sounds hurt .. lame. No one knows who you are

      • Anthony Poirier

        Only those that matter…

    • Jordan Weimer

      People are officially waiting for you to die of old age so there is one fewer racist douche in the world. Enjoy listening to the enduring poetry of KISS.

      • Billy

        “i wanna rock and roll all niiiiight”
        that there is WAAAAY more poetic than anything Nas could have written. why? bc KISS is white ofc. @anthonypoirier:disqus is a racist cunt

        • Apimpname Slickback

          “I know I can be what I wanna be, if I work hard at it ill be where I wanna be” .are you kidding me more poetic than anything nas wrote or have you never heard 1 mic or road to Zion with Damian Marley you’re a joke. I listen to hip hop country alternatives rock reggae. The only music I probably dont listen to is death/heavy metal and nas is LYRICALLY gifted . Hip hop depending on who you listen to either tell a story about someones life and where they came from or different situations going on in the world and I dont see how ” drinking whisky and rye singing this will be the day that I die” is more poetic than “I see no changes wake up in the morning and I ask myself is life worth living or should I blast myself “

        • Anthony Poirier

          “Purple Haze, in my brain
          Many things don’t seem the same.
          Actin’ funny, and I don’t know why…
          ‘Scuse me, while I kiss the sky.”
          – The immortal Jimi Hendrix, a left handed, black, rock and roll guitarist who I am not worthy to kneel before,
          So when you call me racist, you look like the stupidest fucken asshole on the face of the planet now, Enjoy… fucken uneducated dipshit.

      • Anthony Poirier

        Of course, only a “Rap fan” could even think that race was an issue, because it’s always about race. It couldn’t be that you have a ridiculously low IQ or that your sense of taste is horrible, which it is. KISS poetry is simplistic and borderline ridiculous… Pretty much anything that can be converted to Rap… Lika an alphabet.

        • Jordan Weimer

          To recap your response, it’s not an issue of race. No, instead, it’s just that people who like rap music have low IQ and bad taste in music. Rap music just coincidentally is be made and consumed predominantly by black people. It’s not racism; it’s coincidence. Or, maybe, just maybe, you’re a racist who likes music from the nineteen-seventies exclusively made by their version of Macklemore.

          Led Zeppelin is credited as one of the greatest bands of all time, but Jimmy Page was doing his best Howlin’ Wolf or Lead Belly impersonation while Robert Plant was singing Gallows Pole. Their lasting poetry came from somebody else, they were derivative academic studio musician rockers who went to school to learn how to play their instruments and then joined up to make music they heard people make twenty to fifty years previous. They were copying guys that actually created music without anybody else’s help. Guys that played the guitar or banjo because it was the only instrument they could afford or make. It wasn’t because they thought it was cool. It was because they wanted to actually make music and that’s all they could afford.

          Hip-hop started the same way as the blues. Eighty years later guitars weren’t cheap. Turn tables and microphones were affordable because a DJ gets paid simply for playing good music. Then people who wanted to express themselves realized they could do some cool stuff with that simple set-up just like Lead Belly and Howlin’ Wolf realized they could with a guitar. People seem to forget that the guitar is a shitty instrument and the only reason it’s a part of most of the pop music in the twentieth century is because poor people make the best art.

          I guess that’s what this gets at. You say, “shitty taste in music.” But, maybe you’re just not realizing that it’s art plain and simple. It involves music, but the lyrics are more important. It’s post modern art. It’s rapping over the top of music that came from the past to remind the listener of the past. Listen to “Deep Cover” and say that it’s shitty poetry. Listen to “I Don’t Give a Fuck” and tell me that Tupac’s point of view is bullshit. Listen to “New Slaves” and tell me Kanye’s observations are wrong. Listen to Kid Kudi’s “Soundtrack 2 My Life” and tell me it’s bad art. You’d be wrong. These dudes are great artists.

          Like every other art form, the majority of acts are shitty, but there are many many great artists. Nas is one of them. Maybe if you spent more time listening to rap than listening to the same forty year old albums, you’d be able to appreciate the art form instead of being ignorant. It’s not a coincidence that you haven’t already looked for the great rap artists. It’s because you’re naturally biased against black people. No that you know that, it’s up to you to educate yourself. If not, we’re waiting for you to die because you’ll continue to be a jackass.

    • Giggi Yazicioglu

      Nas been around since 1989. if you dont know who NAS you have limited knowlege about music Sir. Its interesting that you call your self muscian. Yes pink floyd etc…is briliant…but we live in every chancing reality …. as a musican/artist you should evolv as well…

    • EvenOdd

      OP must be trolling. Rap/HipHop has not been around as long as Rock and Roll. You would be a fool to believe that Run DMC, NWA, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Nas, Jay-z, etc. won’t leave a lasting legacy as well. Keep listening to grown ass men dressing up like women and wearing makeup and I’ll stick with my electro poetry ya bish.

      • Anthony Poirier

        Rock and Roll has been around since the 1940’s. Rap/HipHop has only been popular since the early 1990’s. Go to school man, you’re way under-educated. (ya bish)

    • Trent Emanuel

      Hi Anthony,

      A few things… Rap and hip hop isn’t all the same, because rap and hip hop aren’t even the same. You sound like every other ignorant person who hates what he/she can’t understand. But it’s more than that, you actually sound like you just hate black music. Which is a very interesting thing…Because black people can take ownership of almost all kinds of music, until it was stolen from us. Who do you think started rock n roll and laid the foundation for every single artist you just named? To make an extremely long history lesson short…Black people created the genre or rock and even coined the term “rock n roll” which originated as a double entendre for being religious or sexual. But what happened was, someone named Elvis came along and started to shift the influence away from Black artists to white and middle america. So because he was white, he became more marketable,which directly dictated how he became more popular. Who got left in the dust? The black artists who came before him and who he’s gone on record to admit who influenced him. For example, Count basie, louis jordan, chuck berry, muddy waters ,lloyd price, etc. Who do you think influenced, the stones, the who, pink floyd, kiss, led zeppelin? Elivs…. See where I’m going with this. You know they say history repeats itself. You may not know much about hip hop, but I bet you know who eminem is right? He just got named the second highest selling male artist of all time. Who did he leave in the dust? All the other black artists that came before him. What does he call himself? “The modern day elvis”. Listen to “without me” if you need proof. So before you go on a racist and misinformed rant about how those white musicians are superior musical talents, remember how they got to be those so called ‘superior musical talents” by stealing and running away with black music. The sad part is I only listen to rap and hip hop, and I know more about rock than you could ever learn. So we’re not pretending here, we’re just aware of how much we mean to music period, and how white people actually believe they started something.

      But, you’re absolutely right about one thing, but not only are you on the wrong comment list, you’re on the wrong website.

      • Trent Emanuel

        I also think you’re hate is coming from a personal place. i think in 2014, you’re tired of seeing rap and hip continue to grow and evolve to the point that they would have nas on a political satire show like this one..and also honor him for being 20 years in the game. If you look at music in general, don’t you wonder where rock went? Because I do… Why doesn’t it get played on the radio anymore? Why don’t you see it on TV? Fact: the only musical genres that are relevant right now are country, rap/hip hop, pop, edm. In that order. I know it hurts to see hip hop which was considered as taboo to have influenced the entire world the way it has while rock collects dust on shelves.

        • Anthony Poirier

          I live in Canada, where Rap/HipHop have only one radio station where I live. Rock and Roll/metal/classic has 8 stations. country has 2, talk radio is 4, and alternative radio covers the rest. That’s it for Rap up here. 1 station. So it’s obviously different what kind of music “evolves” in what kind of place… Oh, just for your information, Australia doesn’t have a Rap station anymore, it went bankrupt a year ago.

      • Anthony Poirier

        Thank you for your reply. I will respond to you with the same courteous attitude that you have bestowed upon me. (Unlike your online compatriots, whom I’ve handled in similiar discourse) First off, you are correct in your assumption that I just cannot fathom the difference whatsoever between Rap and Hip Hop. I have tried listening to both, but usually can’t get past a few songs each before I have to switch the channel. It’s mostly me I understand, but I really cannot tell the difference. As per my choice of “Legends.” I suppose I too am at fault for not pointing out that I do enjoy “black artists.” But I don’t care for the reference of “Black Music.” I just listen to Music. But you’re right, the small tiny list I gave was mainly of white artists, which is unfortunate on my part, since I love all rock and roll that’s created out of the heart. Be it Pink Floyd doing Money or Little Richard screaming out “Lucille.” From my second favourite song of all time “Africa” by Toto, or my absolute favourite “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray. Dobie Gray never had a legitimate #1 song since 1971, but everyone in the World remembers (Or damn well should remember) Drift Away. 43 years later and people still sing it and re-record it to this day. Whereas I can’t remember a single song Run DMC did in 1991. I don’t consider it Black or White. I think MC Hammer stinks as much as Eminem and Ice T do as well. But I’ve never seen a “Rock and Roll” legend on Bill Mahers before, does that make him a White racist? Given the logic of some of the retorts against me here, he must be. But I will no longer bother this thread with my opinions, sound as they may be, because as you correctly pointed out, this is not my music, this is not my website, and I am definitely the accidental troll around here. My apologies

        • Jordan Weimer

          I understand you’re a person like anyone else. You are doing the best you think you can. You believe that you aren’t racist. But the reality is that we are all racist. The science behind our natural biases toward racial affiliation is rich with data that confirms that reality. Racism is unfortunately an inescapable part of all of us. I am a racist. You are a racist. Everyone one that exists is a racist. The sooner we all accept it, the sooner we can start to understand how our natural biases toward other people and cultures affects individuals. That’s my point here. I know you think you’re doing your best but by denying your personal biases against rap music, you’re allowing yourself to deny that your beliefs affect other people’s lives negatively. The reality is that you’re not simply saying all rap music sucks. You said, “I think MC Hammer stinks as much as Eminem or Ice-T.” You’re saying rap music sucks in front of people. And, you might be saying it in front of a kid that grew up in a culture where rap music is the soundtrack of life. That kid might hear you and think, “fuck that ignorant piece of shit.” But, more frightening, that kid can’t help but have a piece of his mind that agrees with your specious reasoning. It casts doubt on the value of everything that kid came from. It embeds in a person a hatred of self that is as deep as bone and is hard to shake. So, it’s actually better when that kid completely disregards your words. And, it would even be better if you didn’t say it to begin with. I would be nice if you gave rap the benefit of the doubt. Or, if honestly sat down and compared Eminem to Ice-T and MC Hammer. Because those three rappers couldn’t be more different and if you listened to them you’d know that. Ultimately, it’s not about finding more music that you or making sure you don’t believe something cynical like rap music is all the same and worst yet that it all sucks; no, it’s about the fact that when you say rap sucks you’re saying to a kid, the music that everyone that kid knows and loves listens to is for stupid people with bad taste. It’s looking that kid in the eye and saying, “you are stupid and you have bad taste.” And, even though, that kid is likely to say, “fuck you,” back, if you’ve been bullied by people, you know that insults like that don’t go away. Insults like that just sit underneath you and take away your belief in yourself no matter who you are. So, whether you want to accept it or not, a belief you hold in your mind has the potential to harm a kid out there, and you’ve got to deal with that. Personally, when I see that I’m hanging on to ideas like that, I realize it’s probably time to inspect them and make sure I don’t hurt more people. I hope you do the same.

    • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

      dont ever come back again faggot

      • Anthony Poirier

        Don’t worry, you can drop the soap for someone else, your ass is way too small for my enormous dick anyway… Although I’m sure you’ve tried many

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      We don’t have enough time to explain Hip Hop to you but this music came out of oppression and violence in New York in the early 80’s. The reason why you have talented artists like a Nas that don’t play instruments and sing is because New York inner cities and their related Burroughs pulled aux. programs in schools such as music, thus pulling the instruments. This caused kids in the 80’s to take their parents record players and use their creativity to loop music so that they can lay their stories in rap form over them. Hip hop is designed to be an entry level genre because it allows everybody to have a voice, rich or poor. Sampling music is a founding cornerstone of hip hop. With that said most of those people you named are great musicians with horrible songs about consuming drugs and other random behavior. Enjoy the music of your youth and leave us to enjoy ours. The stories in early rap were lyrical stories of our black communities. The same way that i will never understand why you like the crap that you listen to is the same when it relates to you liking Hip Hop.

      • Anthony Poirier

        Appreciate the answer, well said.

  • Drragondoc

    Hard to resist reading the witty, cogent and totally articulate comments below.

    • AzN Dude

      Geez, Trolls on even a Rap/Hip Hop website? What are they getting paid? LOL!~

  • Tyepoe

    I sigh for those of you who think little wayne is even a rapper compared to Nas… I bet its completely a generation thing. To me, being around before little wayne was even around, it was about how hard you were and how cool your voice was and how hooky you could get your choruses. Nas, DMX, Coolio… all these 90’s dudes if I put them on you would immediately recognize who they were regardless if you liked that song or not. Little wayne pales in comparison and the only reason kids of today like him more is because they literally have yet to hear ANYTHING else that came before 2000(I view anything after 2000 as the downfall of music so anyone born in that era will view music differently than the rest of history and it saddens me). Do some music research little boys and girls and you will come to realize what every other educated musician believes…wayne is barely an artist, let alone a ‘rapper.’ Nas created lots of east coast style… little wayne did not much more than create the “whiney little bitch” voice sound and made THAT catchy… I fear for the youth of today, can we all stop talking about wayne please the day I dont hear his name is the day I can die in peace knowing the world is moving forward.

    • blackHippy

      yu just said some real shit … i was born in 94 so 90s rap was a lil before me.. i feel like there will never be a decade that talented.. all we have now is kendrick

  • Brad Goodrich

    fuck whoever Anthony Poirier is gtf off rap radar if you talking down on rap & hip hop music! Very simple dumb ass

  • Troi kandler


  • Iron Sheik

    Sheiky Baby come thru to say peace and give love and blessings to everybody

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    Alex Wagner is THE SHIT. i’m a fan. Nas was completely missing during this.