New Music: Bow Wow “Aim To Kill”

bow wow

Rap When I Feel Like It.

Bow Wow is right on target. From absence in the game to his label situation, Mr. 106 takes a moment to get a few things off his chest. Survivors beware.

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  • Hussle

    yeah….keep bragging about 106. You should stay there too

  • OhWORD

    Stopped after 23 seconds, shit wack. Nigga keep hosting, and stop rapping.

  • rmfnation

    if this was a new nigga track ya’ll would eat this shit up… s/o to Bow.. niccas stuck on that nicca past and wont let’m rock out..

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Yo money you absolutely right.

    • OhWORD

      Nah that’s you new niggas that think like that. Wack is wack bruh. You can try to defend this til you turn black and blue

    • TeF

      I’m trying to listen with new ears, but Bow just misses me with his shit
      every time. I find myself not being able to take this guy’s bars,
      presentation and arrangement seriously ,no matter what. Which is weird,
      because you have cats like Childish Gambino out there who happens to be a
      tv star, comedian and movie actor, but yet I rock with that cat and
      take him seriously when he spits. That leads me to believe that I will
      never connect with Bow and his efforts.

  • NativeKing


  • Pete

    He doesn’t get that being the host 106 is a loser job for someone who was once a platinum selling artist.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Man, listen… ya’ll want something better? Peep 4thQu ..stick to 106 Shad…

  • shit was good, yall biased ass niggas need to leave the persona shit alone and just be entertained by the music.

  • Knotty

    what the hell is he doing with his voice? boy sound like he finally going through puberty

  • Dope

    Same old, same old..trying to find a beat that will stick with these new age audiences while still rapping about Snoop giving him a hand and shit from the 90’s.

  • FreSH82

    It’s a fact that niggas gonna hate on anything Bow rap about if it’s hot or not.. I’m not a hater though.. This joint was cool to me, that’s just me though!

  • BEE

    I genuinely do not understand the hate, this sounds pretty dope to me.

  • Drizzy

    nigga sound like he trying to be drake.