New Music: Cam’Ron x JuJu “Devil”

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Lady In Red.

Cam’Ron’s Federal Reserve EP with A-Trak isn’t the only thing cooking. With his long-awaited 1st Of The Month arriving May 1, he now brings his ride or die chick along for his new release.


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  • Kocky

    Decent record.


    Quality work by my nigga Killa Cam! Juju went in too! And maybe I’m a little bias, hence the name. But seriously, glad to see Cam is back oh his shit. People can’t front like those Boss of All Bosses mixtapes were not classics!

  • EricHeisenberg

    not the same, the beat overlays Killas bars. NEXT!

    • Keith Eades

      Damn this Dude was nice… He just aint got it no more! The beat is rockin!

  • FreSH82

    This joint dope! Flee went in and JuJu said she a devil on the dick! Ha

  • The Incredible Creation

    Did she really have to become a rapper tho? =/

  • Justin Time

    Maybe no one else will admit it, but Cam best days are behind him.

    • KILLA

      I disagree. Boss Of All Bosses series was without a doubt one of the hardest mixtapes from a couple years ago so it goes to show he still has it in him. Listen to F*ck A Freestyle and tell me that he didn’t go in.

      • Justin Time

        Fuck A Freestyle was dope no doubt..however, it was the best song on that entire album. Those other songs were either boring or just plain bad. I’m not saying he can’t rap because obviously he’s dope but he doesn’t put out quality music. i knew things were a wrap for him when he rapped that god awful verse on Clipse “Popular Demand”

        • Lateef

          It’s the beats. Lol. He always buys cheap beats.

      • Epul

        Boss Of All Bosses was 3-4 years ago fam.. Cam was that nigga way back but he’s way past his prime


    Love Cam but not into this track.