New Video: Hopsin “I Need Help”

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Help Me.

Hopsin woke up with no recollection of the night prior to. And in the latest horrific visual, he revisits his Knock Madness to put the pieces together.

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  • dmc

    2nd verse and on is dope, First bit is too 3 A.M…

  • King Just

    Wasn’t he going at odd future and Tyler for demonic stuff? What’s this? I like it tho. A little confused but its cool. He saying he needs help. I know some body named Jesus he can call.

    • Dope

      That mexican shrink? Well, I guess they are cheaper than overpriced USA shrinks.

  • These horrorcore niggas are posers. swag

  • BK!!

    Boy can spit…

  • Homie Trel

    Shit went harder than I was anticipating. Should ditch the contact lenses…

  • Nasty Nas

    this nigga’s career needs help. Like you got tech cosigning you and still cant get a semi buzz. been in the game for a minute too…

    I’d go at tyler the same way other horrorcore-esq rappers went at Em when he was coming up while other who had BEEN doing can’t even see the underground’s ceiling.

  • Rareddie

    This boy is talented man. People get the whole “Hopsin” thing confused with Satanism. He doesn’t worship the devil. Hopsin is just his other personality, a role he plays that demonstrates what the industry does to these artists. Sometimes artists get so caught up with all of the obstacles that are a part of the industry and they lose their mind every now and then. Those who are all about the dough and flashy objects have lost their mind permanently…. Some people say Hopsin is just another Eminem, or that he’s trying to be like him. Those are the same people who are brainwashed and don’t realize that everything on the radio sounds the same nowadays. If anything, we need more Eminems on the radio, because that would mean that everyone is being real!