• justsayin

    before all the haters come up from their dwellings… he’s been friends with their coach since 2010 and has his own wildcats championship ring

    • OhWORD

      2010, oh you mean when UK started winning? lol Cal started coaching the 09-10 season. Any team that’s hot Drake jump on, it’s no hate when you speak the truth. Wayne was the same until niggas started seeing that’s what he was doing so he got butt hurt.

      • tlox

        Cal went to Drake high school graduation too STFU this aint for show!!

        • OhWORD

          you ol’ I can’t read because I love drake ass nigga. What did I say? After 09-10 season Drake started fucking with them. Did he graduate before then? No, lol you emotional ass niggas love drake boy, probably ready to take a bullet for that nigga so you can have a song written for you.

      • heirtothe

        he was a fan when John Wall and Boogie Cousins were there. They didn’t win a championship until 2 years later with Anthony Davis and Terrence Jones was a sophomore. If the Suns go to the Finals he ain’t gonna hop on lmao

    • Bryan Glenn Jones


  • prophet

    niggas always hate b the brokest niggas on the sideline..

  • Ed

    Doesn’t he work for the Raptors? Isn’t this an INFRINGEMENT????

    • Smoothg718

      wrong word, right idea

  • heirtothe

    LMAO niggas are gonna hate on anything this man does. He’s a Kentucky and Raptors fan. He just so happens to be friends with the best players in the world LeBron and KD. Most of the time athletes reach out to him but niggas are gonna call him a groupie regardless. I promise if the Bobcats went to the Finals he wouldn’t hop on the bandwagon lol

  • Selorm Amuzu

    Any man who has no true loyalty to his team cannot be trusted in my eyes, you can respect other teams, show love to other teams if you got ppls there but you never hop on another team just cos they are winning, and Drake is a guy who is notorious for that shit ask him who his favourite team (soccer) is this year and the last year

  • Bryan Glenn Jones
  • Ghost

    You idiots Drake lived in Memphis during the summers when he was in late middle/high school.. Crooked Cal coached where before Kentucky?… MEMPHIS!!!!!! Its more than a Wildcat thing its a John Calipari thing stupid!