New Music: Lil Bibby “Dead Or In Prison”


Choice Is Yours.

Produced by C-Biz, Lil Bibby weighs his options on the first leak off his upcoming EP, The Book. If you ask us, he’s better off in the booth.


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  • sean2

    Lil Bibby just got a new fan. This i’sh HARD

  • GreenBergs

    son bibby is hispanic?? i thought he was lightskin

    • Toni Strandman

      Dont know his heritege but yeah he lightskin

  • GreenBergs

    im getting frustrated cuz when the song say “lil herb and lil bibby” its almost always a banger out of the shit they released so far, they shouldnt have it say ft bibby or ft herb just everytime, “lil herb and lil bibby”, besides herb goes way harder and he should drop that g herbo bullshit quick, and just call himself herb

    • Toni Strandman

      it only says Lil Bibby?
      I still haven’t bumped Herb I need to do that but Bibbys Free Crack mixtape is dope af.

  • Craig

    Its 2014, I aint know how old he is, but that dead or in prison mindset sounds dumb to me these days, its played out. If I was a guy that thought I would be dead or in prison I wouldn’t be telling nobody, once u say things like that about yourself u give it power an more chances that it will happen. If millionaires still going to prison he damn sure aint out the clear yet. Every rapper aint no hood super hero but they all talk like it so somebody gotta be lying.

    • it’s the roc

      Everything that anybody has said or done in the past seems to be “played out” to you new niggas. You would think we’re all riding around in flying cars or living in some post-apocalyptic world or some shit.

      • Craig

        its all about enlightenment an learning from others mistakes since they seem to have more examples to learn from. Or are they all just dumb? This a 1994 baby talking about dead or in prison like he a 30 year old looking back, sorry if I dont believe him.

        • King Dolla

          some niggaz hop off the porch before they turn 10…he from the inner city you have no clue…his mind set is probably that of a 30 year old

  • GIG

    yesssssssssss bibby

  • Sounds like Young Noble of the Outlawz