New Video” Cam’Ron “We Made It”


Killa Cape.

Accompanied by his Soulja Boy and Drake freestyle, Killa Cam gives us a behind the scenes look at ripping the runway during Mark McNairy’s showcase at Fashion Week.

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  • keith zeigler

    them so fly ass niggaz right there. nigga we made it!

  • KanYe2tha

    those capes are gonna kill shit this winter

  • South Dallas C-boy hoopc-O

    cam’ron has got to be the most under rated NYC character ever. i mean he put diplomats above his own solo career to kick start juelz sanatana and jim jones. hell rell and jr writer. but really hope he gets a good engineer or mixer and a producer to set his sound straight.

  • PTK

    this is a joke right?

  • The Incredible Creation

    just revamp DIPSE already.. Sign DZA and get shit back crackin Killa!