Lupe Performs At Dodgers Opening Day

Dodgers Opening Weekend - Lupe Fiasco Concert


Lupe was out at the ballgame on Sunday for the L.A. Dodgers opening day. Atop of the home team’s dugout, he performed “Superstar” and “”Battle Scars”. By the close of the 9th inning, the Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 6-2.

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  • OKKK

    so the same nigga that talks illuminati and distractions, is performing at “america’s favorite” distraction? Oh what? That check was too much to refuse? Or are you just bullshitting to get a certain minded people to buy your music?

    now I know why you wear shades during interviews. Hide your eyes nigga.

  • OKKK

    the same dude talking illuminati, conspiracy and distractions is performing at “america’s favorite” distraction? Almost minstrel like aint it? aint no black owners in the MLB. So was that check just too much to refuse? Or were you bullshitting on your last album and at your concerts just to get that certain minded people to follow and buy the music?

    I see why you ALWAYS wear shades in interviews on mainstream media and or radio or any sort of venue…. Hide your eyes.

    • OKKK

      whoops, i thought the 1st one didnt post

    • fuckutalmbout

      Magic Johnson owns the Dodgers

      • Mike_Ball423

        Magic is a minority owner, and I don’t mean that in the racial sense of the phrase. He owns a tiny percentage of the team and is used as a face of the franchise because LA loves him

      • OKKK

        he owns the Dodgers in a MUCH smaller way that Jay-Z owned the nets. (or for those who don’t know Jay didn’t “own” the nets in the same way Mark Cuban owns the Mavericks.) So again, point stands.

    • whyihatetheinternet

      THANK YOU!!!!! This is why i stopped listening to this nigga. Ab-Soul is going down that same route, talking bout this guy is a puppet, obama’s a puppet, illuminati’s real but I’ma work with this rapper who is allegedly in it? C’mon…. niggas is bullshitting. (LOOKING AT YOU PRODIGY!!!!!)

  • GreenBergs

    i didnt even have to click to know it was “superstar”…

  • The Incredible Creation

    interesting lol *not too many fucks were given* & stadium looks half empty.. =/