Ice Cube Covers ‘The Source’


West Side Right On Time.

Looking dapper, Ice Cube clocks in for the second cover of the April/May issue of The Source. Before it hits stands tomorrow, peep a preview below.

Cube Vision is my movie and TV company. And so I’m trying to push my agenda through that. I want people to, when they see Cube Vision, to know that this is how I see the movie. But as a career, I accredit baseball even though I like football and basketball, but baseball has the best analogy for careers. Some careers, I call them foul tips, because you go straight up and they go high. They go up real fast, but they come straight down and usually when they hit they don’t count. But my career, and how most people want their career, is to soar like a home run. It just rises, and rises, and rises, and rises. It gets distance and when it comes down, it’s money. So that’s how I’ve been planning mine, just a long distance.

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  • WestCoastAffiliate

    Yay Yay!!! Cube should get more respect then Jigga. 1 hes the basically the father of gangster rap and 2 hes done more for the culture overall.

    • 23bitch

      dis nigga help start gangsta rap, why would he even be compared.

  • Ripper

    Don Mega is a Westcoast legend!!!!