New Video: Styles P “Never Safe”


Danger In The Studio.

With his Beats headphones turned up, Styles P heats up the lab to support his upcoming album, Phantom & The Ghost dropping April 29 via NMC Music Group. Hopefully they turned off the sprinklers.

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  • HipHopTV

    Same beat n lyrics he been doing for 15 years. They need to be more imaginative in 2014. Listen to Cole Kendrick kanye jay wale, etc. Can still give u that hip hop but make it modern.

    • Jack

      Fuck that

      Styles p >>>> all them rappers you named

      This that punch you in the face rap and if you dont feel it, you cant relate. This shit raw.

    • yamzz

      Jay the only one on that list you can name…the rest are just a different generation and a new voice…his music just ain’t for you can’t get mad at that…he said his daughter drew his album cover thats how you know he don’t care about appealing to the masses gotta respect it

  • brollya

    his music aint made for backpack nerdy rappers….. dis d block shit all day…. never goin under for the mainstream

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Warburton Niggas!!

  • H2Q

    Hard as usual but there’s mad clipping. Great way to destroy your speakers.