P.Reign “G-Way” Documentary

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Hustle Hard.

Since P.Regin hasn’t made it across the border yet, he brings us to Scarborough, Canada for a tour of his hood. He speaks on his ongoing legal drama and desire to visit the States. Until his waiver comes through, be on the look out for Dear America on June 17th.

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  • VegazTheOne

    He’s in californa now.

  • CallMeConfused

    I don’t care if he’s the best rapper in the world. I cant fu*k with a dude that keeps a snapback on WHILE he gets a haircut.

    • DesiJatt


    • DesiJatt

      hes just getting his beard lined up though

      • The Incredible Creation

        but who just gets their “beard” lined up without the full shape-up treatment ? lol =/

  • Dafuq

    Who the hell is this nigga?

    Someone enlighten me.

  • pablo

    he is an artist under drakes joint ATF/OVO he been around forever

  • realniggaradio

    that shit is a suburb nigga shut the fuck up!! buncha damn house niggas sellin crack for rep..foh.

  • Peekay


  • Sean Power

    the power of sucking up to drake , Rap radar you know if he was drake friend he would be anywhere close be on this page his not even hot in his own city yet

  • mike

    Look we are hood too !!! Buy and believe our music now!!!

    • mike

      Im from Toronto ,,, nuthin but a bunch of kids talking bout how ghetto they are or how rough where there from its ridiculous,,,,Torontos grime is spread across the city there is no one real place that is fucked like that…..

  • Problem

    Bunch fu**kin haters ya’ll sound like a bunch of bitches – bunch grown as men whining and shit, god damn… shit is crazy

  • Tanya

    Drake’s stand plan to me is he replaced Branin Shimizu.

  • t-dot

    this nigga is a fake ass half of them niggaz he walkn wit aint even from gway lmfao, bunch of pretenders. keep sucking drakes left testicle .