New Music: Iamsu! Ft. 50 Cent x Jay Ant “Show You”

sincerely yours

Snapping & Clapping.

Iamsu! and 50 Cent stunt all over the auto-tune on this leftover from Iamsu!’s forthcoming debut, Sincerely Yours on May 13. If you ain’t know, you know now.

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    this is pretty cold man.

  • tha OG

    This shit is smooth!!!

  • Forever King

    I came here only to hear 50’s verse but the song is cool nothing different or special. It should be a hit since this is what’s poppin’ today

  • 8Galaxy5

    Fucking trash.
    Auto tune is bullshit,
    And no,this will not be a hit,it will just mix in with the other trash and be forgotten about in a week or so.

  • guc

    if this had a drake feature rr would be going crazy

  • dmc

    Sunny bunny money and funny / You ain’t even listening and I just took your money

    • spliiifffffffff

      That song is so great because its eminems one and only shot at drake.. too bad it wasn’t a “real” track.. Man em rips drakes whole style throughout the entire chorus.

      Its nice to know what Em actaully thinks and how the machine makes him say/do things different(like songs with rihanna)

      • dmc

        It aint nuttin but muuuusic

    • Extra Domus


  • Hussle

    nope. this is wack

  • Word7

    cool joint

  • Anthony Kelley

    50 KILLED IT


    50 can Rap yo

  • el jim chapo guzman

    hot shit 50 on his grind.

  • LOL

    this shit wack b, autotune? in 2014? hahaha

  • jaskey

    came to hear fif only

  • Dwight Stewart

    Godfather 50 sounds fresh and tight on this. He should be the only one allowed to use this autotune shit.

  • Extra Domus