• tha OG

    Real Texas trill shit!!!

  • B_G_

    It seems like Houston is today where L.A. was a decade or so ago. The world was fascinated with Fo’s poking out, swangin, lean and the screwed vocals like the masses were enchanted by Six Fo’s w/ Hydrolics, khakis, chucks and gang bang music in Cali back in the day but now the mainstream is tired of it. L.A. finally found their footing, let’s see how long it takes Houston.

    • rocketwolf

      It’s a Htown thing homie it ain’t nothing like that we on another level

      • B_G_

        LOL. It ain’t on another level bruh, I love The H and I understand the culture but I’m just speaking from the mainstream’s perspective. Yall are no different than any other region, ya’ll aint better than Cali or NY and Cali & NY are no better than ya’ll so just as they had their time so did yall and one day just like Cali I hope yall do it again. Peace.

  • Koo-Rod

    i love it…mane

  • nerdywilliams

    Man YG Kendrick Game SchoolBoy Q Jay Rock Mustard n etc LA not dead for sure…. Slim Thug is good i love his 1st album

    • B_G_

      Aint nobody in here talk about L.A. but me so this has to be about my comment which if you read all the way through you’d know I said that L.A. just finally found their footing and the artists you mentioned are the reason for that. Before them it was just Game then before him it was Snoop, nobody new was comin from the West like they are now bruh.

  • Nena

    Love it!

  • big boss

    b_G you a retard h town rides on themselves they don’t don’t do that pussy ass dick riding that the main stream wants they stay true to the roots