Nick Cannon “Dance Floor” On ‘Arsenio’


The White One For You.

Nick Cannon’s giving white people something to dance to with his new album. Last night, he brought its “Dance Floor” over to Arsenio. During their sit-down, he spoke on his controversial white photo, his slick shoe collection and how Mariah helps him with his music.

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  • Guest%

    That doesn’t sound like white people party music. Looks like you just lost a customer, Nick. smh.

  • Guest%

    Also what is that girl’s name. I want to hear her other music.

  • C

    Nick cannon is the biggest joke in hip hop.

    • Davey Allen

      no shit. but he’s rich

      • IM730

        I would MUCH RATHER be where im at now… (gated community in Johns Creek) and have integrity and STILL trying to make it as an artist going on 10 years now than be “rich” and be a joke of the industry foreal.

        • smoss44

          ummm no you don’t… your lying to yourself. you’d take everything nick has over your life anyday. let’s be real. I understand what you saying and nick is super whack, but you buggin. The reason it doesn’t bother me that much is because he’s only being himself.. he’s not faking for anyone and I’m good with that.

          • IM730

            haha NAH.. my life is madddddd good.. haha.. Great job.. perfect chick.. nice car and ALL my family living down in the ATL living good. You might sit and stare out your window at night wishing on a star to be nick cannon but me? im good with where im at..”im good with that” and YOU must NOT understand my life cause if you did you wouldnt have bothered to reply foreal…

  • NativeKing


  • IM730

    Nick can take this RIDICULOUS attempt to rile people up to check out his lame music and bounce… take his Dollar Tree version of Cassie with him..

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    nick is a corny mf’er but I like the fact he didn’t back down over the whiteface thing. Now if he was doing it out of hate then yea but he was being funny(corny in most people’s eyes)

  • marty mcfly

    Before people start implying that because Nick is rich that gives him a pass on everything? Or if you mad at him then your hating? First of all let me say, I hope Nick makes more money then the queen of England. I wouldn’t care if this dude becomes the most wealthy man on the planet earth and this is no hate against him cause I get it, dude thinks he’s funny and what not BUT… Id just say to Nick that when he says there’s a huge difference between humor and hatred? I want him to go look at the history of the Minstrel Show in america. Understand that it lasted for a hundred years and whites would paint their faces black, and try and dance and talk and act like black people and like I said, that joke went on for generations as a way to hide their hatred inside of humor. Now if Nick wants to turn the tables on white people for a month or two then go head, hey everybody is a comedian nowadays but I just think somebody should remind him what was done to the many Nick Cannons of performance comedy that lived before his time. That is all