50 Cent “Pilot” At MSG


Puerto Rican Fly

Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Wisin brought his show over to Madison Square Garden earlier this week. During the show, Curtis came on board for a performance of “Pilot”.


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  • Samsohn

    who the fck is Wisin, and why the fck is he performing at MSG?!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Yeah I’m curious to who the fuck is this no name in front of 20 thousands fan’s at the garden?

    • Extra Domus

      just one of the biggest reggaeton artist in the world…

  • guc

    Wisin is a Reggaeton artist

  • The Incredible Creation

    ..well obviously he isn’t a NOBODY, guys… Dig into the reggaeton genre and find out… [google, bing] etc. lol http://theincrediblecreation.bigcartel.com/

  • LOL

    this nigga got no taste in music, makin these fools perform in MSG ain’t gonna help

  • Dafuq

    For u non-knowing niggas, Wisin and Yandel are one of the biggest Latin reggeaton artists. These dudes sell out shows all over.

  • NoHopeForHumanity

    everyone that was so curious and asked who this guy was could’ve taken the same amount of time or less to google him and found out themselves.