• Truu

    Pimp C is rolling is his grave. RIP Chad Butler.

  • Hussle

    So I fast forward to see when Rocky was gonna be on stage (around 30:00), and his new shit is wack. waste of time…

  • Davey Allen

    Fuck y’all niggas this shit is dope

  • polopolo1

    So the lyrics are”Real niggas die and fake niggas multiply…I’m scared of this generation

    • Davey Allen

      but its true, there are more Fake people in the world, then people who are real and loyal

  • NightBlazer

    A$AP Rocky makes music for niggas that color outside the lines

  • So, A$AP Rocky (starting at 32:50) basically sings over a recording of his own song, with the vocals still on the track — not an instrumental.

    Glad I didn’t pass $300 to see the live equivalent of a YouTube cover.