Drake Disguise As ‘Fake Drake’


“I Think He’s An Actor, He’s Not A Real Rapper”.

Fake Drake’s been spotted in Hollywood. Last night, Drizzy participated in Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s “I Witness News” skit and got views of himself while disguised as a reporter. Ha! Back to you, Jimmy.

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  • lebron jamies

    “bitch i go to sleep with a suitcase”

    • darea

      Hum…trophies…hum…Am I allowed to curse? Man in a battle, this nigga would be murdered right away smh

      • Strong Enough

        i guess thats why hes not a battle rapper dumbass

  • norbert

    this got me cracking up!

  • IM730

    ha “still dont get it” nigga cheesin n shit

  • tlox

    older dark skinn nigga a damn fool…

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani


  • Dashing28

    This was hilarious. Gotta give Drake props for agreeing to do this knowing damn well that he’s got a lot of haters.
    If he brings that same self-mocking attitude to the Espy’s I think he’ll do fine.

  • Donn

    I never watched the Espys, but now I will

  • Dan Karlin

    Regardless of what you think of the guy or his music, you have to respect how he’s willing to make fun of himself. Dude seems secure with who is is and isn’t.

    Wale, were you watching? Take notes.

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    How can u tell that’s not Drake tho?

  • DHKC

    Go away Drake, good god. Dude needs to fall back

  • Anti-Hero

    chickenhead LOLOLOL

  • Whodat

    Even that dude knew Drake wouldn’t respond to his “Diss song”

    • Belize


  • Damian Marshall


  • Damian Marshall

    Should of revealed himself to a girl

  • It’s Just Music

    “why am I standing on this street, when I can be home with multiple women bathing in champagne? You still don’t get it huh?”

    LMFAO people are so oblivious. Drake is a clown man so funny hahaha

  • brza

    “you still don’t get it” lol this shit killed me too funny