Eminem x Rihanna “The Monster” At MTV Movie Awards


Unleash The Beast.

Eminem and Rihanna are hitting the road this summer. But this evening, they both gave us a preview of what’s to come when they gave their first live performance at the MTV Movie Awards. Yodel-odel-ay-hee-hoo!


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  • Mister West in the buuuuuildin

    The rap god SHUT IT DOWN once again. Event of the summer is those Rose Bowl shows. LETS GO!

  • Dick

    Haha I love how they show marky mark

  • Steven

    gotta catch this guy live

  • Daniel Félix Dutra

    Very perfect the Brazil loves you both, EMINEM and RIHANNA

    • Michael Ibbett


  • Hussle

    Em’s stage presence…..still makes me uncomfortable…

    • hmmmmm

      Yeah. I dunno why he was performing like this, when during his Rapture tour in new zealand he was doing really fucking good performing this song. Dude was dancing and shit . He’s too stiff. he needs to don’t give a shit about it like before, when he would be running and dancing all over the place. anyway, artists change and go trough different phases, hope this one is close to an end. I want just one more eminem album where he really really doesn’t give a fuck

  • m&mfreak

    Rihanna sounded really good… each year her vocal ability keeps improving! Kill em badgal!

  • Eminem is a sell-out, fake ass pop-star. diz wigger is losin his street credibility. he is bleachin his hair, dressin up as a chick, doin duets with Pink and Rihanna. Gucci Mane and Chief Sosa wud beat da shit outta diz old ass nigga. swag

    • Sam Robilotta

      HAHAHAHAHA did this fool just compare chief kief to Eminem? Eminem is a legend has been in the game for years. Cause he makes music the masses like cause he wants to make money he’s a sell out?!? ha okay so you’re saying if someone came to you and asked you to do a song with Rihanna,.. na I’m no sell out! ppft get the fuck outa hear. Lucky for you no one is coming lookin.

      • hes just a troll dont feed him

        • Sam Robilotta

          what makes me a troll? elaborate. How the FUCK can someone say chief kief and eminem in the same comment? Every song eminem murders, or at least 90% of his songs arent garbage. Same goes for gucci. feed me motha fuckers

          • Everybody

            Sam he’s not saying you’re the troll big guy.

          • he is sayin im da troll, but Im not. I just cant respect Eminem for workin with pop stars, on da other hand Chief Sosa is a real thug nigga. ofc, Em is more lyrical, but he’s fake. swag

          • cheif keef is the HIV of hip that nigga cant rap for shit and his so called “real thug nigga” ways is what get people shot killed or locked up

          • u do realize i was referring to him

    • Everybody

      “Eminem murdered you on your own shit.” – Nasir Jones

    • Everybody

      Not to mention that you’re asking people on rap sites to check your Soundcloud page all the while shitting on practically every artist that they post on here smh you’re hustling backwards.

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    This nigga done went POP! Smh

  • Sah b