Nas Brings Out Jay Z & Diddy At Coachella


Ultra Illmatic MCs.

Nas continued his 20 year celebration last night at the Coachella Music Festival. He performed Illmatic in its entirety and brought out Shawn Carter (10 minute mark) and Sean Combs (34:52 mark). Tough crowd.


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  • TM

    Fucking crowd is dead every time a legendary hip hop artist takes the stage. Either their idiots, to young, are just not fans of Hip-Hop. I don’t know how artist can perform for dead crowds, that shit would make me mad. Outkast even had to beg the crowd every 5mins to make some noise.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Word. That crowd sucks

      • LH

        Ya waves suck nigga. Get some Dax light if u wanna spin b. tsunamis

    • Tbones

      don’t knw what video u watch. Looks like you just like complaining for the fun of it. The crowd were did a great job for majority of the performance considering most of em might have not been around when Illmatic dropped. Made you look n the hate me now obv got them more hype cos they r recent and big hits.

      • PTK

        the crowd seemed live to me from the beginning

      • insight3000bc

        thank you, nas had a great performance and the crowd was live

      • TM

        All i’m saying is the crowd wasn’t a Hip-Hop crowd the line-up even tells you Coachella wasn’t catering to Hip-Hop artist this year. More Rock then Hip-Hop and thats cool. But if it would have been a Hip-Hop setting the crowd would have went word-for-word all night long, Nas wouldn’t have even been able to hear himself rap when him a Hov performed if that was a Hip-Hop crowd. A timeless classic like Illmatic records should have shook the whole crowd. Just like when Outkast performed them timeless hits the crowd was hype for the first 15mins, then after that the mood shifted, and you could see it on 3 Stacks face. Artist feed off energy and 3 Stacks facial expressions were like if you wont give me any energy then I wont perform with energy. Theirs now way I would watch OG’s like Outkast, Diddy, and two MC’s like The Don and Hov take the stage together and not lose my mind even if I didn’t know all the words I still would have lost my mind just because i’m a fan of music period no matter the genre is. But us real Hip-Hop fans understand how serious that moment was for Nas and Hov to touch the stage. Also “complaining for the fun of it” is what chicks with periods every month due.

        • tbones

          ok b, I get ur point and agree with u that majority of the crowd are not hip hop, but then again, they were not that bad. It was live for most of it.

    • insight3000bc

      the crowd was live on this video, watch the whole thing

      • TM

        I did watch it from the beginning to end. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have made that comment. All i’m saying is it wasn’t a Hip-Hop crowd, it was a music crowd but not a Hip-Hop crowd. You know how many Hip-Hop fans would have went crazy and lost their minds just to witness legends who once didn’t like each other perform together. That’s like seeing Pac and Biggie, or Fif and Ja perform, they wouldn’t have to pump me up with shit like “make some noise” I would have been turnt from beginning to end. OGs like Outkast shouldn’t have had to ask the crowd “are you alive”, “Coachella you still with us”, but I get it the crowd wasn’t really a Hip-Hop crowd that’s all, the line-up wasn’t really a Hip-Hop line up either. So I get it.

        • insight3000bc

          bruh nas had a great performance, the crowd was great, not sure what that has to do with outkast, this isn’t an outkast video

    • for real i bet half of them if u ask what their favorite outkast song is they will probably say hey ya

    • LH

      Who cares. Eat a peice of pizza and be quite!!!

  • Hussle

    What a beautiful sight!! I don’t get how the crowd didnt flip out their minds when Nas and Hov were performing. Oh God!

    • OKKK

      when you’re sleep deprived, amongst slutty hipsters, puke and drugs galore, its hard to flip out about ANYTHING. hahah

    • DLOUPO

      I tell u y u heard what nas said illmatic is older then them

    • LH

      Nas should of did ether that would of woke they ass up!!

  • PTK

    the shot of the teleprompters kinda ruined it for me.

    • Kevandre RackedUp Thompson

      he wasn’t really reading off of them though and he is performing material from almost twenty years ago, I cant expect someone to really… remember that can I ?

      • PTK

        after the first shot of them you can see him repeatedly looking down at them. if he can’t be bothered to remember his magnum opus, the lp that established his career and what he’s being paid handsomely to perform why should anyone else put it on a pedestal? i don’t expect him to remember it all, it just takes away from the ambiance.

        • It’s Just Music

          man hop off his dick.
          dude is decades deep in the game with multiple albums. Illmatic is 20 years old. you expect him to remember his entire discography while he is also working on new stuff?

          show a legend respect, this ain’t J cole we talking about.

          • Hussle

            why the shot at Cole tho lol

          • LH

            Why not

          • PTK

            this is hip-hop. it’s not about how many albums you have or how long you’ve been in the game. it’s about how well you move the crowd once you step on that stage. nas has had one of the weakest stage shows in rap for a long ass time. he has improved. but if i go to an ice cube, PE, big daddy kane show none of that shit is happening. all of those guys are older than nas, have better shows and aren’t forgetting lines. with that said maybe YOU should hop off his dick.

          • It’s Just Music

            Big Daddy Kane? Dad is that you? Get your 40 year old ass out of rapradar.

            Nas has never been known to be an awesome performer. That is not his strong suit. He’d rather give you timeless music then performances. It is unfortunate but it is what it is.
            And Illmatic is not an album you play at a huge festival to get a crowd hyped. Especially at Coachella.
            You also got to realize people in that crowd are my age, meaning we were born when Illmatic came out.

            Using a bit of common sense you can see why the show wasn’t ‘live & hype’. Nas wanted to showcase his classic work and he sacrificed stage presence. It happens. Dude is a legend who cares what you think?

          • PTK

            lmao now you backpedaling. “nas has never been known to be an awesome performer” – case closed. emcees rock crowds. if you can not do that – go home. only question why are you suckin his dick so hard if he’s mediocre? you don’t need to come to a grown man’s rescue or justify his wackness.

  • Matik

    for shows like this they should spread mic’s all around the crowd so the cheers are louder cuz sometimes its hard to hear how they loud they are even when they are going ape shit .. legendary performance

  • Get Moneynigga

    Nas The Legend.From Illmatic to Life is Good,Nas has dropped some Rap Classic.1 Mic-New York State of Mind-The World is Yours- just all Classics.It was a great HIP HOP moment to see Jay Z come out and perform Dead Prez.That’s crazy Nas inspired Jay Z to make that record.What a great show from the Legendary N-A-S All respect and Love

  • Louiev

    This was awesome!

  • kanye west

    the god

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.


  • insight3000bc

    amazing show

  • M.A.T.

    They should go around and do a show performing Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt.

    • Nickey Negrito

      That’s a dope ass idea. The best idea I heard in a long while. I’ll pay to see that. Watch them both recite each other verses. Yeah that’s ill.

  • marty mcfly

    FOR ALL THE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THE CROWD…. Just know that when you’ve been standing for almost 24 hours at a concert and its late night when Nas and Jay come on, your kinda tired from being there all day. Thats one of the main reasons why the crowd aint going crazy at that particular time. Its fatigue to a degree and also yes its not all a hip hop crowd, its majority people who just like good music period but im just saying.

  • joel wells

    This shit is to hard for Coachella……


    Nas is one of the worst live performers of all time. Ive seen him live a Couple of times and the energy in the crowd is always the same .I think the music he makes Doesn’t go over well live. And his laziness of putting effort into his live shows make it worse . I would never spend another dollar, to go see nas live again. Listening back to illmatic now the songs Dont hold up .nas is a great lyricist , but most of the beats he picks are horrible.

    • REALLY23

      hoe please…

    • theone1

      thats so true………Nas is great. great lyricist, but Nas as live performer i cant say he is one of the best there. even when nas does interviews, he kicks a lot of knowledge on raps but he is a little different when doing interviews i think its his super layed backed vibe. that niggas eyes used to be almost closed back in the day from smoking so much. love Nas mad respect but as i said not the Greatest live.

  • brza

    Nas THE effing GOAT

  • theone1

    Jay and NAs fucking epic>>>>>>>>>>>>who’s the best Mc’s bigge jay-z and Nas

  • So Icy Girl!

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  • Sam Robilotta

    This was amazing. Jay-Z killed it, glad he did the old joints. Puff eeeh not so much , he was good jumping around stage that’s about it. Nas KILT it

  • U Dunno

    Bout to sell these albums, get this paper and get the homies out of public housing

  • GritGrindGlory

    You can see it’s not genuine love. It’s more of a respect thing. Arguably the two most lyrical icons.

  • KoOoLkOjAk

    i miss mister magic!! I SAID I MISS MISTER MAGIC!!!!