50 Cent On Hot 97 Morning Show

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Talk About It.

50 continued his radio run over on Hot 97 this morning. In the first clip, he talked about NY hip-hop, Troy Ave, and the state of G-Unit. At one point, he referred to Banks and Yayo as Troy’s hypemen. Uh, No shots? In the second video, he discusses fatherhood, Summer Jam, Animal Ambition and business acumen.

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  • Kieran Oliver

    If 50 Wanted to make REAL money, he show go on a G-Unit reunion tour. He can squash the beef with everyone but Game, and they come back and do a worldwide tour. You can’t tell me G-Unit/50 Cent performing classic 2002-2007 wouldn’t sell out arenas & stadiums.

    • Ren

      Nah it wouldn’t, people have moved on.

    • Dwight Stewart

      jus wait for Summer Jam 2014 fool. it might just happen. Fake beef with Yayo and all them. LOL album comin out. June 3.

  • banks325

    50 cent need to go listen to till the end and reconsider

  • ManFrizzLe

    This guy is such a disloyal clown. SummerJam is going to boo this dude off the stage.

  • tha OG

    50 just need A hit record to pop again & he will be alright

  • cannon

    im not feeling 50s music no more but fif is real smart i must say

  • Hussle

    50 shitted on Banks and Yay. Goddamn! I really hope this is all an act to build something for Summer Jam. Because…if we dont see Banks on that summer jam stage, then trust me, you wont ever see him again with 50!

    • Anti-Hero

      “if we dont see Banks on that summer jam stage, then trust me, you wont ever see him again with 50”

      How do you know in 3-5 years they wont become tight again?


  • .

    50 Actual Actually Cent.

  • Another GOLD interview. Nigga is flawless in interviews, B. QUEEN$. #AnimalAmbition #TIMELESS

    • wow

      Power 105.1 wasn’t that great but it’s because or they’re interview style…This one was solid though


        Their not they’re. No diss.

      • That interview was wavy too but I fuck with the Town Hall interview more than the 105 one. All gems in my opinion.

  • MannyThoughts

    50 was excellent in this video and spoke a lot of gems. Hot97 kept trying to twist this on him and none of the tactics worked lol.

  • DotBoyz

    i wonder whose gonna be the next Fif. i hope its someone from the south

  • CokeBoy

    50 needs to stop snorting cocaine. his biggest problem since he made it. Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug

    • Dwight Stewart

      talkin slander fuck boy, what u know about it, you backstage wit 50?

  • jimmyB

    really great interview comes across natural and funny

  • Dwight Stewart

    Wow, he got the rights to Star Wars and Disney headphones! That could be a good comeup.

  • Raj

    I think the biggest moment of this interview was when he told Cipher Sounds, “put yourself in my shoes…it feels like I have to pay for you to be my friend….”…that says it all right there…

    • Anti-Hero

      I liked when he said he still respects Supreme even though he doesn’t like him because he’s not a rat like Jimmy Henchman.

  • Ashton Au

    “Don’t be surprised if they announce that I own WorldStar…. *whisper* at the end of this week…” Ha! Coldblooded Fif

  • jimmyB

    and for the 100th time in a row they put his interview at the no 1 spot and his music at no 3 smh

  • Abe6772

    He’s next album is going to flop dick

    • Gunplay’s Chain

      you’re the expert on that right?

      • Abe6772

        no, time is


      His next album not he’s next album. No diss.

      • Abe6772

        Good eye

  • smh

    50 just ADMITTED he LOST the BATTLE to ROSS!

    • MMG Pleather

      no he didnt, but whatever you gotta tell yourself to make you feel better

      he had that boys kids and baby mommas on videos with him and floyd (and diddy to add insult to injury) and Ross did nothing as a man.

      beat down gunplay and stole his mmg chain and put it in a video.

      the baby momma sextape.

      killed him on songs, officer down, go ahead and try me (officer ricky), tia told me, etc.

      DTR was Ross worst selling album of his career.

      • smh

        did you WATCH the interview DUMMY? They asked 50 do you think you lost the battle to ross? and 50 said YES but i’m go WIN THE WAR! So what the FUCK ARE YOU TALKING BITCH ASS NIGGA? LOL The nigga just ADMITTED HE LOST THE BATTLE!

        • smh

          and one more thing. WARS NEVER END go check your HISTORY! So that mean 50 can NEVER WIN against ROSS! Ross have to beat his self! But it look like 50 DESTRUCTED first! What was the name of 50’s last album? lol

          • MMG Pleather

            when its war it will be war until the bitter end
            if they ever say i lose i’ll start it again – 50 cent, 2014

        • MMG Pleather

          he did not say yes, he answered with a question about jay-z and nas which could be up for debate,


        Yes he did admit that. Did you listen to/watch the whole interview or do you have selective memory?

        Musically things are cold for 50. And it’s the case for the last 7 years or so.

        The only war Curtis is going to win is the money war.

      • iseerashonal

        That officer ricky go ahead try me is one of the best diss records in hiphop. Sorry he didnt promote it

    • iseerashonal

      Are they even battling? Havent heard anything from ross

  • LOL

    Game is somewhere laughing on how much these niggas is out of touch in today’s hip hop world.

    • MMG Pleather

      Game is somewhere missing his kids wishing he didn’t break his fiance’s nose and smash her in the eye.


    It should be illegal for a 48-year old to be a hype man.

    • MMG Pleather

      hes younger than 50 isnt 40 yeat


        My bad! About 10 years ago I thought he was 37/38. May have heard it from rapper The Game or someone else. He must be 35 or 36 now then.

  • @djicecold

    BHA! Ebro SNUCK in the only confirmation/acknowledgment FROM 50 Cent that him and Ciara dated. WELL DONE.

  • timwayne

    The hats mad gangsta