New Video: 50 Cent “Hustler”


Peeking Through.

50 shares the fruits of his labor across tube in his mafia-inspired clip. Directed by Eif Rivera, the audio is off his upcoming Animal Ambition on June 3. What up gangsta.

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    • Gunplay’s Chain


      Obviously he won’t be putting up huge numbers if he’s releasing all the songs week by week before the album comes out but he might sell a few singles on itunes.

      • O.G

        The songs he’s releasing are not all from Animal Ambition. Big Rich Town for instance is from his tv show “Power”.

        • Gunplay’s Chain

          but hold on, don’t worry bout it, smoke, pilot and hustler all are. thats 5/6. not sure if funeral is on it.

      • Get Moneynigga

        U retarded and U a dick ridin Hater…bitch ass nigga how is that possible?…U dick suckin by postin 50 lyrics and then U hate on 50…what the fuck!!…U gotta be fuckin retarded LOL

        • Gunplay’s Chain

          Where was I hating in anyway? I like this song, been playing it all morning.

          I just said he’s not likely to sell a lot due to the fact that he’s releasing every song for sale on itunes prior to the june 3 release date.

          Are you going to buy an album if you heard all the songs months ago? I know a lot of people won’t.

    • Rumando

      Rick Ross we know that’s you, don’t be upset your album has been out a month and has already fuzzled out!

    • el jim chapo guzman

      You sound like a Florida hating ass nigga that doesn’t no music.

  • ME

    Hating is a profession…for others. This joint gona be hustler joint for the next coming weeks

  • wow

    This one goes!

    • bigfoot2011

      Goes to the trash can

  • Blood moon goon

    So let me get this clear. Multi platinum artist should give a fuck what YOU think. On a blog comment? What is this group therapy?

    Go eat another plate of chicken wings rozay

    • It’s Just Music

      Yes he should dumb fuck.
      If you knew anything, 50 is in the MUSIC BUSINESS, and who do you think are the customers?
      We are dick rider, so yes he should care dumb fuck.

      • blood moon goon

        sprinkles to a flood. flys to a carcass. it don’t mean shit you aint even a pawn bruh you are the dried bird turds on the cement while us grown folks actually strategize playing this game..

    • MMG Suede

      Why you bringing up Rozay lol most Rozay fans either actually really respect 50 cos his 50 or just don’t check for him. You 50 fans are the ones always on Rozay vids callin him fat and a C.O soooooo

  • LOL

    this niggas videos is corny as fuck

  • checkitout
  • EchoxHotel

    This shit bangs!!!!

  • TrillaInMiami

    King of New York!!! Can you dig it

  • Hussle


  • Bobby

    This song SUCKS!!!!!

  • Public Hairs

    This might be the first leak of his I’m not crazy about. I think he’s done better joints with Jake One before.

  • Get Moneynigga

    This is straight facts right here,you will see comments from ppl who our honest and keep it real or you gonna see some straight fucking attention seeking weirdos on Rap Radar.Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but some you muthafuckaz is weird than a muthafucka,it’s a lot of lonely ass sick minded muhfuckaz that just want attention trollin every video site from YouTube,Worldstar,RapRadar, I mean every fuckin site it don’t matter.I kno all the real muthafuckas understand what I’m talking about.GONE and leave a fuckin comment you fuckin trollin weirdo and after that just kill yourself.

    • Gunplay’s Chain

      get a life?

      i dont even know what the point of your comment was sposed to be

      • Dafuq


        • Get Moneynigga

          What the fuck is so funny…U bitch ass nigga…I see U a dick handler hehehehe…GTFUCKon with yo Lame ass…I would tell U to go eat a dick bitch…but U go do that anyway

      • Get Moneynigga

        U don’t get the point because U retarded bitch…Ol Lame ass nigga lol…Awwww I must’ve really struck a nerve fuckgurl lol….U Lame ass niggas don’t get no pussy…GTFUCKon with yo bitch made ass…the crazy thing about it is…I wasn’t even trying to get at yo bitch made ass…I was really talking about the other Lame muthafuckas with mental problems that be on every video site trollin lookin for attention…but I see U one of deez retarded ass trollin weird muthafuckaz to LOL

    • Gunplay’s Chain

      “you gonna see some straight fucking attention seeking weirdos on Rap
      Radar.Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but some you
      muthafuckaz is weird than a muthafucka,it’s a lot of lonely ass sick
      minded muhfuckaz that just want attention”

      you just described yourself and your comment which has nothing to do with this song!

      • Get Moneynigga

        U bitch made ass nigga…U always on here with yo weird ass…go try to get some money or try to get some pussy…now that’s if that’s your preference…you bitch ass nigga that walk with a switch ass nigga…Get yo bitch ass on…Lame weird muthafucka…what fuckgirl did I strike a nerve…U a fucking trollin weirdo go kill urself

        • Gunplay’s Chain

          u mad?

  • M.A.T.

    People either saying they hate what he’s putting out or they love it. For me I’m just happy 50 is back to making music and part of me wants to see him win because I like him as a person.

    • spliffftitsandbitches

      I did and still do but this pointless shit talking about yayo and banks needs to stop. bring back buck.. you hear that new track.. #youstillgotit #clapclap #clapclapclap #youstillgotit

      That would be the crown that shit would sell so fucking fast.

    • bigfoot2011

      U like the guy who wants everyone else to fail?

      • M.A.T.

        Your comment is under the assumption that I know exactly what you’re talking about and that’s why I like him, but honestly I don’t. Thanks for insinuating that I would think that way though. 🙂

      • iseerashonal

        Can u suck my dick?

  • The video could be better, but the song is too dope!!




  • Gunplay’s Chain

    From the beginning it was written I suppose
    I break a hole in the 36 oz
    And move it out, I’m a hustler baby
    I’m a hustler baby
    When I’m on the money I ain’t trippin’ on the hoes
    A whole lot of paper on clothes
    Dig it, I’m a hustler baby
    I’m a hustler baby

    • Get Moneynigga

      U a dick ridin faggot…u love the attention…@Gunplay’s Chain? what the fuck is wrong with U? I blame yo bitch ass mama and yo slow ass daddy for havin U…why the fuck didn’t yo stupid ass father didn’t just leave U in a rubber…or at least yo slut ass mama could’ve swallowed yo bitch ass

  • jimmyB

    cant hate on this.

  • RapReal

    This shit is knocking. What type of extra moist nae nae dancing ass nigga can’t get with this?

  • cannon

    i was expected a video kinda like window shopper where he is in monacco or dubai shinning hard. this is dope too tho.

  • Rumando

    50 is like Mayweather, ppl watch Floyd most times only to see him lose but when he doesn’t they make up excuses. Ppl come on these hip hop websites just to see 50 flop or do bad but when his songs get the most comments and his videos get views they make excuses and all Floyd and 50 is doing is enjoying life loving the hate!

    • bigfoot2011

      Go check billboard. None of these new tracks have charted. One charted at #99 in sweden. 50 is nothing like mayweather. He’s losing all across the board

      • Anti-Hero

        have you looked at whats on the billboard charts? most of that music is trash i dont care what they think is hot, they wouldnt know street music if it was right in front of them!

        • smh

          but they knew good music when 50 was on top the charts huh? What’s wrong NOW?

      • Rumando

        Sure if that comment makes you sleep good at night!!

  • O.G

    Vintage 50 here.

  • RealTalk

    The song is good, but 50 doesnt have the buzz anymore. He did colossal numbers in the past so its normal to people expect more of him. He is independent and does low budgets videos now, so he got the excuse on the deck to the low numbers he going to make it. He and Nelly are in the same place tho.

    • Rumando

      Sure if that comment makes you sleep good at night!

  • Abe6772

    This is awful

  • Johnny Tsunami

    His recent singles are so fuckin boring im gonna fall asleep. He hasn’t had a good song since “Ok You’re Right”.

    • Dwight Stewart

      that song was mediocre

  • Jimmy Gambino

    Ready for this album

  • BK!!