Scarface On ‘The Combat Jack Show’


Facemob vs. Combat

Scarface’s got a new album on the way. And Recently, he visited the The Combat Jack Show to reflect on a score of topics. This is what you missed.

Scarface lost 100 pounds. And we’re all over the place in this interview. He plays guitar, he talks drugs and depression and Pink Floyd, he talks about his time in prison, why his son went missing earlier this year, why Rick Ross is underrated and more. He does his best to avoid making controversial statements, but he just can’t help himself. This is Brad Jordan like you’ve never heard before.

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  • Sean

    The greatest.

  • DrankSipper

    Scarface is the man. He right about radio these days too. That’s why I only listen to hungry niggas from the underground. Try out the Grit Boys, Jesse Heavyweight, Corey Mo, Kevin Gates, Yung Redd, or even this new rich dude out of Dallas Casanova Kris. TX Stand Up!

    • ggogins

      Kevin Gates all day

  • Viva La Raza

    Wow, so good…quality interview.
    such fucking quality..

  • Super Deal

    The Legend!

  • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

    Im looking forward to this!!