August Alsina Checks ‘106 & Park’ Host


Going Against The Grain.

Better watch what you say. August Alsina was on 106 yesterday and things got kind of awkward during his interview.  Although the hosts were told not to talk about his rivalry with Trey Songz, Keshia Chanté asked anyway and got shot down. Clearly, Bow Weezy knew better. Ha! Testimony in stores now.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    that shit cray lol ..and definitely a lil disrespectful smh

  • Sam Robilotta

    wow she should be fired. sounded like he said it 2 minutes before they went out there and she’s gonna disrespect him like that on live TV? ppfftt.

    btw disqus kinda sux, loads when it wants too, doesn’t even load in FF for me now booo

  • fox

    I don’t think it was disrespectful at all simply because he told them beforehand not to mention that. There’s obviously something personal going on with that situation. Then she had the nerve to say “if you don’t wanna answer, it’s fine.” Bitch, he told you that twice already!

    • Beau x Live

      Exactly…Im glad he checked her ass. But at the same time I feel like BET wanted us to see it to boost their ratings and have people watching 106 & Park again. It actually did the opposite for me. I didnt give a damn about 106 & Park and I still dont give a fuck. That little spat was interesting tho.

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    my nigga, my nigga!

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

    not disrespectful at all. Be a man and women of your word. if they made an agreement back stage then its an agreement. She was on some real creep shit and she deserves to be embarrassed. I bet she never tries that stunt with anybody else again.

  • Donn

    LMFAO. That’s what her ass get

  • Ebro

    Ya seen the bitch talkin under her breath as she walked out ! thot

  • iamsherman

    Right before I used to get a whoopin’ I would do that same nervous laugh lol! Bet she won’t pull that move again! #Checked

  • Truth Hurts

    August Alsina should be a little more humble hes practically unknown and when you say something bad about Trey Songz on the internet, 106 is gonna ask you. We all know hes the next Pleasure P anyway Def Jam will drop him in a second if he loses steam. Boyfriend #2!!!!

  • You’re Going To Jail Now #POW

    Isn’t just like a Blizzy to not know when to shut the what???? #uck up!

  • J-RoM

    sure this is gonna get you hits on the net but B.E.T. is owned by viacom which basically owns all the platforms you need to promote your album so by you cussing on live television the FCC fines viacom and now they could possibly ban you from coming on any of there channels again could be a bad look?

    • Ghost

      Wrong! 106 & Park has never been live, except when they are at the BET awards. So it was known by 106 & Park producers that he said what he did. I highly doubt that they would allow for a fineable offense to happen on-air. And even if they were live, ALL live events use tape-delay, so they would have bleeped it out. What he did was actually the opposite of what you’re saying. He gave them free press and publicity!!. When was the last time you THOUGHT about 106 before this?…. I’ll wait..

      • PTK

        live on tape

    • Lupita N’yongo

      Yea maybe a couple years ago who really watches bet or mtv anymore it’s all about social media and the internet

  • FreSH82

    Aug made that bitch look stupid as hell.. I bet her feelings hurt.. smfh

  • Sha Har

    She’s always trying slick shit. I’m over 106 and Park and Bow Wow too! I’m happy she got checked. I bet she won’t try it again.

    Can someone tell me why is her face so damn big and wide? It’s bigger than her body!

    • Michael Angelo

      she’s wack af

  • Dangerous Lee

    That was an asshole response.

  • wow

    This is fake… Judgin by the comments it worked tho… social confusion!

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      naw she stormed off mad before they introduced the song.

  • The Rock says

    He told that bitch “Know Your Role, And Shut Your Mouth!”

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Great start!!!…The industry will have fun with this one. The response what that he should “have wanted to say”. but in this industry…being easily angered is a weakness that will harm him in the future. No matter how effed up the situation…play it off smooth.

  • PTK

    how is this even relevant? i’m scratching my head at what gets posted on this site. i mean it is so irrelevant that no one even bothered to find out “the host’s” name.

  • Belize


  • Kush_Dean

    Just look at how chris brown fucked this dude is taking his spot & money while he in the PEN!

  • Shar

    he’s been talking about it everywhere. Now all of a sudden one place in particular cant ask?

  • charlamagnethadouche

    bow wow is a punk letting his colleague get checked like that. .. and august alsina you are the biggest bi*** a$$ N**** I’ve ever seen? Checkin a woman like that? Did you go to the chris brown school of light skin r&b badboy bull$hit?
    Terrence J never woulda let that happen to Rocsi
    BET producers were prolly in her damn ear to get her to ask the question that you been answering everywhere else… YOU TWEETED ABOUT YOUR BEEF with trey songz.. nobody even knew until you brought it up .. and FYI you aint there yet to be askin interviewers not to ask you certain questions… I can’t believe charlamagne defended you and skipped out on giving you donkey of the day I blame yee and her crush.

    • Michael Angelo

      rocsi wouldnt have been dumb enough to still ask the Q even tho he clearly told her not to

  • Ridge

    Grammer polleece

  • recheej

    Are you guys stupid? You really don’t know how this works? August Alsina probably told the producers not to ask him the question, not the hosts. But the producer probably wanted the hosts to ask any ways to get a nice exclusive story. She was only doing her job. You really think she’d ask him a question that the producer didn’t tell her too and risk getting fired?

    • DIesel

      you sound like you don’t know anything

  • TheTruth

    LMAO real as fuck. That bitch felt some type of way no doubt.

  • Jeff

    There is a way to go about that. Shows lack of maturity… Sings like a bitch with all that swagg he’s dragging. Tall ass should be shooting hoops and yes….. I stereotyped his height. Skinny bastard#pushyourteethup

  • trigga

    OOOHHHHHH NANA, look wat u don’t started…

  • DIesel

    I haven’t listened to a single song from this dude but this is now the 2nd time I’ve seen a post about him showing attitude or “being real” which just makes me think they set this up to make him look like a bad ass. Hashtag corny record label WWE shit