VIBE Visits Nas & Jungle Childhood Apartment

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Project Hallways.

Nas’ younger brother Jungle recently returned to Queensbridge with VIBE‘s Mikey Fresh. They visited his childhood apartment and recounted some of his most memorable experiences. Over a decade ago, Nas actually toured the apartment with MTV (2:15 mark).

UPDATE 2: Jungle takes us to where Ill Will was murdered and the location where Illmatic‘s cover was photographed.

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  • Damian Marshall


  • JINX

    20 YEARS

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I fuck with nas but I still think that on the business side, his no good

  • kanye west


  • “and ya lil homie jungle is a garden to me” hov was so disrespectful ….rap needs a battle yesterday…illmatic classic indeed