New Music: Ransom Ft. 3D Na’Tee x Fred The Godson “Dying Breed”


Same Cloth.

Lyricists are becoming endangered species. But all isn’t lost as Ransom 3D N’atee and Fred The Godson show what their made of on this cut produced by MVP. Ran’s Pain & Glory The Album coming soon.

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  • realhiphoptv

    They trying but NY gotta come better. They must not listen to Kendrick, Cole, et all

    • The Incredible Creation

      this was a good attempt.. and it’ll still be overlooked.. because there’s no catchy hook blah blah blah -_-

  • iamlegend24

    This song is hard as shit I fux with it 3 spitters

  • Chrisalejo


  • Carlos Danger

    a beat 3 emcees just going in..see songs like these don’t get attention from ny crowd it should.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    fred the godson got it. that nigga could spit. he just to ugly to blow up. that mother fucker need a make over.

    • Everybody

      Lol SO TRUE LMAO!

  • The Wild Goose

    We get it B. Dot, you love Ransom and 3D Na’Tee.

  • Afro Mendi