New Music: Slim Thug x Bun B “3 Kings”

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Houston Royalty.

As their home team take on the Portland Trail Blazers tonight for game 1 of the NBA Playoffs, Thugga and Bun give the Rockets an extra boost with their anthem. Prior to the game, they performed outside the Toyota Center.

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  • SleeplessInSeattle

    Texas rappers are always good. slept on state.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Name all the Texas rappers?

      • debo

        too many to name

      • ATX

        Mr. Pookie
        Big Tuck
        Lil Ronny
        Lil Keke
        Fat Pat
        Big Moe
        Killa Kayleon
        Stak 5
        Big Red
        Big Tite
        Big Hawk
        Mr Lucci
        Tum Tum
        Lil Flex
        Paul Wall
        Lil Flip
        50/50 Twin
        etc, etc, etc,

        • PATrill

          u forgot alotta niggas mane.
          what about The Rally Boys or Fat B.. What about ESG?!? You didnt even name Corey Mo or Lil O or ZRO!!!! Bun Pimp Trae Mike Jones!! you didnt even get half of em…

          • ATX

            i said etc, etc, etc…everybody’s a critic.

        • DebonaireGang

          You forgot the biggest boss in Texas right now. The only millionaire before he stepped into the booth. The dude who is gonna sign all them dudes you named and take over the world. Casanova Kris the most powerful rapper in TX before music. Dont sleep check out his visuals and youll find out what Texas already knows. Casanova Kris time is now! Be afraid.

          • MoCityDon713

            co sign Casanove Kris being up next. Caught his show in HTown he a very RICH man. Once he focuses on the rap scene NO ONE can STOP him. never seen underground cats in Phantoms with such bad bitches who plan on taking Texas back to the top of hip hop. Casanova Kris is pretty good on the mic too. Heard he just beat a Fed case…

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Nigga Mrs cater is the richest from Texas nigga get your facts right.

          • king5050

            Beyonce dont rap. When it come to rapping Casanova Kris is the richest rapper from TX. Google him if yu dont believe. He a REAL boss. Check out his single with 2 Chainz

          • el jim chapo guzman

            I’m from ny why I don’t have a album from him. And you say his the richest. Nigga stop believing what you see in them t.v..

          • king5050

            I work with him directly and trust and believe it aint no movie magic. My og Cas really got that bag and everyone will see what Debonaire Bros is about to do! He came in the industry with more money than every rapper on that list. “Casanova Kris I dont need no advance” Thats real shit.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            How long that dope money suppose to stretch until the Fed’s bag him?

          • BooOCOG

            yall not talking about Chirs Fitz from Carter I know??? he just started rapping last year he been on some hustle ish. that man got homes. plural homes.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Who is this no name nigga casanova you’re co sighing. I never heard of this nigga. His buzz must be local. Only niggas in Huston no him.

          • Zone4Runners

            I heard of Casanova Kris. I’m from ATL. Saw him in a Mafia Six video. And I got his 2 Chainz blast. I think the joint is called Grinding. Dont no much about him. If yall say he a rich dboy I believe it.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Nigga I should smack the shit outta you for saying dumb shit like that. Rich from selling dope nigga you believe that dumb shit.

        • ElPasoAmigo26

          i’m mad yall didnt say Chalie Boy or Fat Pimp. 2 of my favorites Texas rappers

        • el jim chapo guzman

          All those rappers you named I only got respect for scarface. And his a has been. So rhe future not looking bright for Huston.

          • SleeplessInSeatlle

            Thats why I said they slept on. FaceMob could NEVER be a “has-been” btw.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            If his not a has been then what the fuck he is a icon?

          • Whut

            The term is LEGEND. Scarface is a LEGEND along with a few others. LEGENDS dont need a single out and they dont have to be RICH. And LEGENDS are legendary while guys who came in and made money or wrote a few raps become HAS BEENS once they stop.

          • SUC32

            Fat Pat is a Texas LEGEND too

          • ElPasoAmigo26

            SPM is a legend to Mexicans and yall didnt mention Chingo Bling either.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            All you’re legends is broke is fuck.

          • SUC32

            fyi in Texas the cost of living is pretty low so you can have a house with acres and 2 cars paying little to no money for all of it. so when you say broke what exactly do you mean…

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Starving legends that what the fuck I mean.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            I agree with you. But in that case I rather be rich then a broke legend like krs1 and scarface.

          • Whut

            Money dies with you. Especially new money. But LEGENDs will always be heralded. Once you die they will stop spinning your songs that you paid for them to spin. But someone will ALWAYS pull out Mind Playing Tricks or Never Seen A Man Cry or Smile. People study LEGENDS forever and strive to live like them. If music is art the LEGENDS like Pac or Face will be the Van Gogh’s of the future. And the trendy rich guys will be DEAD and FORGOTTEN. No one will be talking about Birdman a 100 years from now. Does anyone care who financed Michealangelo? NO! He’s a LEGEND even bigger than an ICON cause an ICON is just there for the moment. Micheal Jackson was ICONIC as a living person but in death he is a LEGEND. Future could be an ICON if he just continue to do what he’s been doing. But Gucci Mane is reaching a legendary status by actually having hardships and being a real person that real people can identify with. KRS -ONE was NEVER a LEGEND. He’s a washed up rapper. Rakim is a LEGEND cause he birthed a rap style.

            Master P would have been a legend had he not comeback. Now he is a washed up rapper.

            One can RUIN their LEGACY if not careful.

            BG is a LEGEND. Mac Dre is a LEGEND. I know you hate to hear this but the people pick the LEGENDS. You cant buy a legendary status. MLK, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, LEGENDS. Colin Powell, Oprah, Michelle Obama, ICONS. lets not confuse the 2.

            Instead of just really being great people want to knock greatness down so they can seem great. Be Great.
            And alotta rich people will die in nice hospitals and be buried in expensive coffins with immaculate headstones but no one will study them or walk in their footsteps or teach their teachings. Pac will likely have a religion in the future. While lets say MC Hammer will not. He made Ms but he didnt do anything legendary. Kanye is chasing being a legend right now, he is an icon but we’ll see where it goes.

            When you say youd rather be rich than a starving legend I say youve lost the path. Art has always been about art, you think Basquiat gave a fuck about being broke. The world is broke, so why should a great artist be any different. To make the art that people will awe for a 1,000 yrs you have to get out here and live life. Most rich people are coddled and cuddled so much that it makes them unable to identify with the rest of the world’s plight and if they are artists their art suffers. Wiz was better off broke. So was Fif, and so was Nas, even Jay. Jay hasn’t spit like Reasonable Doubt since Reasonable Doubt and I’m not talking about his style or flow or subject matter but the pain and anguish in his voice that make people remember the words the raw emotion that makes someone say damn this nigga feel me. Some artists make you feel chill bumps when they create, DMX was one of them. And some artists make you bob your head for a minute in a half before the dj goes into the next trendy record. If you are looking for a paycheck go work on Wall Street and leave the art up to the real artists who have something life changing to put on the canvas.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            You contradicting yourself you said master p would off been a legend if he didn’t come back out. Nigga scarface Is working on a album he about to come back out. So what his not a legend any more. Come on man go look up the definition of legends.

          • Whut

            Calling Scarface a has been is like calling Marvin Gaye a has been. IMPOSSIBLE.

  • xpick

    Travis scott has the most buzz coming out of texas right now and he cant even get mentioned in a list of texas rappers lol how could you mention TUM TUM but not travis scott ?!

  • YungKirko

    Texas fans is NUTS! Nobody named the biggest name in Texas on some rap shit KIRKO BANGZ!!!!!! How you mention Killa Kayleon before Kirko Bangz!

  • TheAllory

    I feel like Drake is a Texas rapper. I know he not but he got with Cash Money through Rap A Lot and he did that screwed song when he was coming out.

  • YMCMBTwizzy23

    yall forgot Lil Twist. Simply! and Short Dawg. they both from Texas.

  • Chan

    Greatest city for rap music ever. I’m saying that and im from Atlanta. Atlanta has always ran shit but im going to say htowns music is by far the best there is.