• vsz

    jay z is older than than grandfather his embarrassing himself and his fans drake needs to get rid of him

    • Computers putin

      sour grapes?

    • b r z a

      which is funny bc he is still making hit records. go sit down

  • PTK

    damn, he called him the king of all kings.

    • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart

      definitely cringe worthy

  • Big Bad

    Shouldn’t he be off eating a plate fondue somewhere?

  • Big Bad

    Shouldn’t he be somewhere else eating a fondue plate?

  • Dashing28

    Excuse me Miss pt 2 is my shit. Good to see that. They probably never perform that joint,

  • insight3000bc

    should have done allure, hi off the life

  • eastpointvet

    who cheap ass non hd recording phone took this

  • doodooman5000

    The goat!!!!

  • R

    This Camel is younger than Denzel Washington and Looks Older and Uglier than the S h i t i just took the Queen queer B must be infected!

  • gz

    another pointless sean carter post straight to number 1 like this is so important

  • tipp_-0183 aka Dwight Stewart


  • Huggy Beard