New Video: 50 Cent Ft. Kidd Kidd, Prodigy, & Styles P “Chasing Paper”

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.13.10 AM

Wheels Up.

50 Cent’s about that bike life. And with Kidd Kidd, Prodigy and Styles P at his side, he hits the streets with a couple motorcycles and four wheelers. Animal Ambition arrives on June 3rd. Cop the track on iTunes now.

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  • BK!!

    Real NY HipHop!Get em 50!!!!GGGG GGGG G-UNIT!!!!

  • Jig-ah

    Niggas Should Leave That Bike Life Shit 2 Meek…

    • MC Blogger

      Idk bout that but this track cold as hell! What u think?

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      50 been riding bikes

    • Bkmkj

      you can tell you a young nigg…like meek mill the only nigg who ride bikes..lmao…did you forget bout that group from ny umm…the Ruff Ryders?

    • Dwight Stewart

      anybody can ride a bike on the street and pop wheelies, meek ain’t go no real skills, he would get chewed up on a track

    • Geek Unit

      Styles P on the song who was in Ruff Ryders so Meek needs to fall back and leave that bike life shit to the big boys

  • MC Blogger


  • The Incredible Creation

    ha. 50 was part of the reason why a lot of the unity in NY died now he could easily be the reason why it comes back.. it can be done.. he has the power to do it.. if done right…

    • Nickey Negrito

      Good point. I agree.

  • owando

    Why is 50 releasing a new song every 2 or 3 weeks? Bad marketing scheme. That’s not the right to make a comeback.

    • Plk

      He is releasing songs online weekly to stay on the front pages of sites until Animal Ambition drops. He has only released Smoke to radio and last week it was the most added record at Urban stations


        He should release one song, and let the momentum build up not ruin it by releasing a new song every 3 weeks.

        His approach makes people forgot the songs quickly.

        • Plk

          Nobody just releases one song anymore leading up to an album release. Future released 6 songs leading up to Honest dropping tomorrow. The only difference in what 50 is doing is that none of the songs that dropped other than Smoke are intended to be a single but each track will have a visual just like Beyonce’s album did. The thought process is to keep ppl talking about 50 which is working since whenever Rap Radar does a post about 50 it is one of the most commented on and usually lands in the Top 5 for a few days until the next track drops

          • EXPIRED MILK

            Ok then. Hopefully it’s going to work. After all, we’re commenting about dude.

    • ol

      Ohhhhhhh STFU how the fuck can ppl like u have a say so.. stupid nigga

  • Hussle

    Aint that Banks beat tho????? the “Greenday” beat off V5

    • Bkmkj

      i thought the shit sounded familiar too…

      • Dwight Stewart

        id rather have my beat on a 50 album than a banks mixtape, you know, gonna get heard by way more people and be worth way more money

        • Bkmkj

          50 stay doin that…he did that to a fab joint off his mixtape and he did that with a jim jones joint i think…

          • Dwight Stewart

            yeah it happens in the industry all the time, not just with 50

          • Samsohn

            he also stole the Sheek & Styles ‘Metal Lungies’ beat

  • Let’s goo!!!

    Fireeee!!!! RICK ROSS, OFFICER RICKY running out of Gass!!! R.I.P. Rick Ross!!!! Your 4-5 year run is over!!! 50 back !!!!

    • Justin TimberBAKED

      Ross been poppin since 06! Wtf are u talking bout? Do the math, that’s 8 years dummy. I swear Curtis fans are the dumbest smh

      • Dwight Stewart

        if by popping you mean failing to go platinum album after album despite help from the biggest names in rap like jay-z, diddy, kanye west, birdman, nicki, lil wayne, drake, etc…

      • Everybody

        Lol funny how you address him as “Curtis” and William Roberts as “Ross” smh.

    • Bighustle

      niggas would kill to have the “4-5 year run” Ross had. I think he can safely fall back a bit, do features, run his label, put out new artists and come back 2-3 years from now refreshed with an evolved sound. Ross good.

  • safasfasfa

    this guy man… his marketing team is seriously retarded. Why is this available to US only ? Fun FACT. 50’s biggest fanbase is outside US. 50’s fans are all the people from poor Europe countries, Africa and south America. 50s fanbase are the idiots who don’t understand English that good. And yet, they can’t even watch the video for his new song… Fifty is gonna flop so bad, it will break records. And all FIfty will do is blame other people 😀 btw. fifty needs to hire some actually smart staff to run his shit. Because the idiots behind and his videos are doing it all wrong. and its been like this for years now.

    • Gd

      Damn nigga you are salty as fuck, did 50 have you deported or something? Oh shit is that you Bang Em Smurf?

      • safasfasfa

        bro. I was a fan of fifty for a long time. But his marketing team is trash. Why are you calling me salty when i didn’t say anything that’s not true ? how about you take fiftys dick out of your mouth. your shit smells like used condom.

        • trillion mic

          go back to the coli looser

          • EXPIRED MILK

            LOSER not LOOSER. No diss.

        • Gd

          Nigga that comeback was weak as fuck and I called you salty cuz you bitching and moaning that you can’t watch the video. If he is gonna flop so bad then why the fuck are you sweating not being able to hear his new song? Actually the better question is how do you know what his dick smells like you faggot

      • GetReal

        yea you should probably just get 50’s dick out your mouth he spoke all facts

        • Gd

          Nigga shut the fuck up, the only one with 50’s dick in his mouth is you. Clicking on every 50 post talking shit, you just a bitter bitch come out the closet faggot

          • GetReal

            I’m convinced you either are 50 cent or a 30+ year old nigga who still living in the past, just admit your father has fallen off, sucking his dick every 2 minutes won’t put him back on the billboard 200

    • Bkmkj

      Nigg you mad you cant see the shit? gotdamn all that hate when you really a fan lmao…

    • O.G

      If you were smart you’d know it’s an MTV video player and not thisis50 one. If you were smart tho.

    • Dwight Stewart

      MTV videos never work outside of USA

  • devon

    dope shit

  • Guest

    dafuq Kid Kidd is doing right chea! 5/5

  • Afro Mendi

    Dafuq Kid Kidd is doing right chea!! Song 5/5 btw.

  • Bkmkj

    Too many bleeps…this shit too hard for tv lol…REAL Street Shit…Chuuch…

  • O.G

    This is a great record right here. Havoc did the beat I believe so yeah. Can’t wait for the album version.

  • Reefa

    Styles P n Prodigy killed tht shit the other 2 niggas were trash

  • Justin TimberBAKED

    Poor Curtis! He’s trying so hard & my hat goes off 2 him, but this album is gonna flop something serious.

    • Justin Timbefake

      whats it like to be so bitter and hateful? we see your bitch ass on every 50 post praying for his downfall like a female.

    • Vadit Bolinger

      “Niggas pray and pray on my downfall
      But every time I hit the ground I bounce up like roundball” Jay Z

  • room2roam

    “gangsta” rap is dead. no one likes ‘gangstas” except other “gangstas”. no one supports glorifying robbing, stealing, killing just a dollar. no one supports you. accept it and move forward with something more positive

    • room2roam

      *robbing, stealing, and killing just for a dollar

    • Bruthadee

      he should throw on some skinny jeans or a skirt and start rapping about his swag, or maybe just go workin a prison for a year and lie about it, he would blow the fuck up

    • Bkmkj

      nigg you an idiot shut that shit up speak for ya mothafuggin self and keep it the fugg movin…

    • Vadit Bolinger

      Rick Ross just dropped another number one album this year 180K off of gangster rap

    • iseerashonal

      Go put back on the dress kid STFU

  • O.G

    A remix or pt 2 of this would be dope as hell





    • Geek Unit


      • Anežka Dvořáková

        -_- Shut the fuck up you Geek !!!
        He comments But he comments with a good english and hes honestly 😉 And you just answers for a comments you do not like. A hating too(who comments?) 😉
        Fuck ur head off up,your”e a jerk !!!
        Dont say him hes a “bitch ass”,when you do not like his comments,Shut up and fuck ur head,and comment ur feels to the video,not to him !!!
        You are dirty ass CRETIN !!!
        Its free world !!! Everyone can say their honestly feels!! So let him be!! And dont put ur nose to here !!! DONKEY !!! -_-

        • Geek Unit

          “But he comments with a good english and hes honestly”


        • Bkmkj

          You bitch ass lame ass non english typing probably non english speaking mothafugga shut ya dumb ass up…seriously what the fugg did you just type?

          • Your english is worse than mine,you sound like a new born baby. As I can see,you can say just bad words! :3 Poor you 🙂 !!IM HEGER!!

          • Bkmkj

            Nigg once again you sound retarded take ya dumb ass comments the fugg elsewhere lame…

        • south of my balls

          Your doing the same shit 50 cent made more history than your favorite rapper

      • GetReal

        bitch he aint relevant get over it

  • Viva La Raza

    super hard…nice beat, nice hook, too many “bleeps” of the cuss words

  • vsz

    Elliott still hating on 50 smh number 4 lol

  • LOL

    this niggas subject matter is so limited, boring ass nigga.

    • MMG Pleather

      i wish he would rap about lemon pepper chicken wings and grilled cheese.

      • Nickey Negrito

        That’s funny, but you also have a valid point. Switch the subject matter and get lyrical.

  • 340

    Although this is good Banks version with Havoc & Cormega is way better. Should got Banks on it instead of Kidd Kidd.

  • GetReal

    i wanna see what you idiots say when his album flops, not a hater just a realist, this isn’t opinion this is just fact, he will flop

    • Vadit Bolinger

      “Niggas pray and pray on my downfall
      But every time I hit the ground I bounce up like roundball” Jay Z

      • GetReal

        notice the artist you quoted is still relevant to this day, my point exactly

  • GetReal

    50 cent was good before he dropped GRODT, then he became a uber commercial cliche gangster, if you listen to GRODT closely you’ll realize its overrated and has nothing progressive for music on it other than many men, everything else was literally gangsta rap formula, we can debate on this if you want, Im right

    • Vadit Bolinger

      Funny you claim you are right but no one likes your comment

      • GetReal

        look again clown

      • GetReal

        yet you have 0 likes


    Do you guys think 50 can make a comeback and sell at least 1mil copies?

    • stick a folk in dude HE DONE!

      he won’t sell 50K! BISD only sold 29K copies the first on iTunes. then the SECOND it sold another 126K copies. And that was with interscope halfway back the album. no its no interscope!

      • Vadit Bolinger

        Sure if that comment makes you sleep better at night!!

  • Vadit Bolinger

    As much as some people want to go around online making up lies about 50 Cent and his irrelevancy in rap music, it is very much there. Hate him or not his songs every singe week that drops get more comments than any other rapper besides Drake. Each song he drops breaks over a million views on Youtube in less than a week and “Smoke” by Trey Songz according to Hits Daily Double was the most added song to urban radio this past month. Ross album dropped last month and most of his songs have fizzled out by now not to mentioned 50 is headlining the biggest summer concert in NYC with over 80,000 people. Him being musically irrelevant is all made up and I am not even his fan

    • smh

      he’s not HEADLINING “WIZ” the HEADLINER! AYes he get the MOST COMMENTS but what those ITUNES NUMBERS looking like? LOL He won’t sale 50K copies the FIRST WEEK with 3 MILLION DOLLAR IN PROMOTION LOL! He aint giving Banks and Yayo a BUDGET because he LOSING MILLIONS PROMOTING THIS MIXTAPE I mean ALBUM LOL

      • Get Moneynigga

        U’ll hating muhfucka.SMH you wastin time hating.Go try to get some money or try to get some pussy and that’s if that’s ur preference.50 go do numbers even with millions of hating muhfuckas like you.I would til to you to GO EAT A DICK @smh but you go do that anyway.

      • Vadit Bolinger

        Sure if that comment makes you sleep better at night!

      • TEW

        Closing Summerjam doesn’t make you the headliner, that is one of the worst spots cuz they always cut the set short from all the actual headliners running long. Why the fuck would Wiz close Summerjam? That bullshit We Dem Boyz isn’t on Hot 97’s playlist and he is on the fucking show. BTW you don’t shit about promotion or how albums work so just shut the fuck up

  • Dope Dealer
  • Huh?

    How come this isn’t #1 on the front page???!!

    • nicoswebaby

      you must be new here on

  • brza

    lol more than half of the lyrics are censored

  • youtubemp3s

    50 Cent – Chase The Paper (Official Video) (Dirty) ft. Kidd Kidd, Prodigy, Styles – MP3 download —>

  • hostage

    that gangsta shit ..

  • Get Moneynigga

    50 got another banger.This shit go right here.Good video and good to see 50 and Styles P collaborate Prodigy did his thang,I think he had the best verse.But this beat was off of Lloyd Banks classic V5 Mixtape.I forgot the name of the track but it had Havoc on there.FIF keep delivering that real shit.

    • Dwight Stewart

      greenday is the name

  • south of my balls

    50 cent best rapper out only real nigga left everyone else gone gay


    Curtis Jackson, it’s time you found something else to do. Stop embarassing yourself. Your music shows no progress, has no substance whatsoever. Give it up.

  • bga

    kidd kidd fucking sucks 50 should stop putting that dumbass in all his songs

  • Michael Savage

    yo 50 Cent new music is bangin is back to take over the rap game

  • Damian Marshall

    Splash Splash, Bumping this.

  • realBelizeanGaza

    hear what fuck all of ya’ll if you guys ya’ll cant even do better fucking bitch ass mother fuckers bunch of fucking haters

  • .MiC.