• Kingly_Caracter

    First…and alone ๐Ÿ™ LOL!

  • Jig-ah

    Ask ME!…This Nigga Sell Wu-tang Out…

  • Sun Integrity

    5 Million dollar beat stream

  • Hussle

    Fuck outta here with your 5milli album SON! you don’t care about the people..the fans that made you rich!

  • KOA29

    Is someone gunna tell him it’s April 21st, not 22nd?

  • Judge Dredd

    Wtf are you clowns going on about? Rza is in the right…. Raekwon is fucking up bad….. How the fuck is Wu Tang for the babies? When you have Raekwon moaning and complaining like a bitch instead of standing up like a man and addressing his issues with the individuals who can rectify the situation… Rae is complaining about nigger pennies through the media. He’s dead wrong PERIOD.


    Both sides have valid points but unfortunately business is business. Hopefully something can be worked out.

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    At the end of the day…. RZA didn’t address the main points that Raekwon brought up in the Breakfast Club…. disappointing.

  • TeF

    The fuck is going on with all of our legends being on some split shit. First the Mobb, now this shit? I know this is typical, and situations go back to like the Temptations and way BEYOND that. These cats made history together, NOW, they’re publicly beefing on some direction shit, that’s whack to me. Can ANY of our legends get out of their own way long enough to go down in history without any fucking problems. This ain’t shit but a black mark on the legacy, and shit like this causes albums to come out fucked up. Fix this shit my niggaz, the game is garbage right now, we need pioneers to at least have their shit together to inspire some of these corny newcomers.

    • Chronic

      Man it’s human nature. Every rock group, rap group, pop group…no matter what kinda group, people will have problems and when you’re in a situation where people aren’t hurting for money they say fuck it rather than go through some bullshit puttin out music they don’t feel with people by don’t see eye to eye with anymore

  • Ocho

    I hate when Ebro leads the ppl heโ€™s interviewing to answer a question in a certain way.. kills me!! lol.. just ask the question old man jeesh