New Music: Hit-Boy “Grindin’ My Whole Life”


Grind Time. With a Grammy to his credit, Hit-Boy is proof that hard work pays off. And with his HS87 crew holding him down, Hit talks about the road less traveled. The track will serve as the first single off their compilation We The Plug dropping May 6th.

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  • Guest%

    Oktane had the best verse.

  • TeF

    Not understanding this trend of young rappers decorating their singles or albums with pics of them with niggaz that were thuggin’ or in the system as way to give themselves some credibility, that shit is whack to me, and a huge part of the problem. Not only that, as much as I fuck with Kendrick, his album cover looked like a child molestation situation.

    • Ernest

      You know thats his Pops, and he is featured on his song. He just got out from doing 13 years so i guess it had some influence on the single artwork. #JustAGuess

      • polopolo1

        13 years? I don’t think that’s valid. What’s song u hear that in

        • Ernest

          Its in the first line of his verse… Ha 1:31 mark

          • polopolo1

            okay but what song

          • Ernest

            This one

          • polopolo1

            ohhhh nigga u talkin about hit boy? i though u was talking about k dot

          • cA


      • Thetown12

        He didnt say he got boxed up in 01. He said he got boxed up in 91. That’s 23 years not 13.

    • The Weirdo

      Thats not some random thug thats his Dad who just got out recently.

  • Dan Karlin

    Hit Boy is one hell of a producer, but he’s every tired cliche imaginable on the microphone. Not everyone who makes beats is Kanye, you guys.

  • youtubemp3s

    Hit-Boy – Grinding my Whole Life – FREE MP3 download –

  • The Incredible Creation

    Really think Hit needs to establish himself more before trying to put the whole crew on at one time… *shrugs*

  • Everybody

    Just stick to beats. This shit is so wack.

  • Everybody

    Dope producer though.